'You know, the two things that you're supposed to find out while you're on this planet are where you're going and who you're gonna take with you. The problem is, most people try to figure it out the other way around.' -Salt Lake Trish, Starving in the Company of Beautiful Women, Michael Feen
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Curing Bias with Curiosity

We all have bias. It's unavoidable. But we can minimize it with a little curiosity about the world around us.

Persuasion Through Moral Arguments

Being persuasive in a political discussion may be easier than you think. All you have to do is listen for the right cues.

Anarcho-Communism Criticism, Pt. 1

The first of three articles on my criticism of anarcho-communism. All based on the words of communists themselves.

Answers for Free-Market Moralists

Answers to questions proposed to free market moralists given by an anarcho-capitalist.

Online Civility

How to communicate online in away that creates and maintains civil discussion.