'I learned from my dad that when you walk in front of an audience, they are the kings and queens, and you're but the jester - and if you don't think that way, you're going to get very, very conceited.' -Jerry Lewis
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The Dangers of New Media Celebrities

New Media means independent creators acting with no intermediaries between them and their audience. Is this a good thing? Or is it a dangerous movement?

The Crying Nazi: A Sordid Retrospective

The true story of Christopher Cantwell, the Crying Nazi. Liar, drunk, and sociopathic criminal.

You'll Never Have Your Anarchy

Anarchy isn't about pushing your political ideal. It's about fighting for the freedom of choice. Even if your choice doesn't exist.

Is Darryl Perry Making Ideological Progress?

Darryl W. Perry of Free Keene showed hints of ideological progress. However, he still using heuristics as weapons against his opponents. Will he ditch the cult?

Arguments Against Libertarianism Philosophy

Arguments against Libertarianism from an Anarcho-Capitalist.

Liberalism Criticism, Part 1

My criticism of the most hypocritical political philosophy, liberalism.

Debunking Anarcho-Capitalism

Is it possible to debunk anarcho-capitalism? Many have tried, many have failed.

Anarcho-Capitalism Is Evil

Is anarcho-capitalism evil? Or is it the opposite? Let's make things clear.

Jordan Peterson and Postmodernism

Understanding Jordan Peterson's problem with postmodernism doesn't make sense at first glance. But he has a legitimate bone to pick.

10 Tips for Selling Libertarianism

Christopher Cantwell is an embarrassment when it comes to selling libertarianism. Here's the right way to do it.

Skeptics on Hurricanes

Skeptics have an issue, they're not very skeptical. When given a link that they think they disagree with, instead of reading, they respond in a flurry.

Moderating Harassment and Abuse

Disqus is releasing a new feature to help combat harassment and abuse. It could be a good tool for moderators.