'We must all either wear out or rust out, every one of us. My choice is to wear out.' -Theodore Roosevelt
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The Dangers of New Media Celebrities

New Media means independent creators acting with no intermediaries between them and their audience. Is this a good thing? Or is it a dangerous movement?

Is there a solution to violence?

With the concentration on mass shootings in the United States, I think we forget that it is our cultural issue with violence itself.

How to Write for a Blog

Writing for a blog is much different than writing for print. These few tips will put you ahead of the competition.

Persuasion Through Moral Arguments

Being persuasive in a political discussion may be easier than you think. All you have to do is listen for the right cues.

Exploring Limits Through Characters

It is better for an audience to explore the limits of themselves than themselves. Gripping stories push protagonists to their limits.

How Not to Sell Libertarianism

Chrisopher Cantwell is the worst example of selling libertarianism. He's the prime example of 'doing it wrong.'

The Image Problem and Its Solution

Libertarianism, without a doubt, has an image problem. I identify that problem and provide a solution through science and proven knowledge.

15 BS Facts about Libertarians

Fifteen facts about libertarians that people make up which aren't true at all.

Liberalism Criticism, Part 1

My criticism of the most hypocritical political philosophy, liberalism.

Government - Thief, Liar, Destroyer

This TED talk calls government a 'investor, risk-taker, and inventor.' An unbelievably wrong and misguided claim.

Capitalism Requires Government - Rebutted!

A rebuttal to Harry Binswanger criticism of anarcho-capitalism.

Anarcho Capitalism Criticism

A criticism of anarcho-captitalism from an anarcho-capitalist.

What Populism Really Is

Populism is being misinterpreted by libertarians looking for an excuse to revert back to statism.

What is the Purpose of Government?

Is the purpose of government clear? Or do we need it at all? Morality and ethics say it shouldn't exist.

Open Source Government

My case for the idea of open source government, a system that makes way for panarchy.

The Benefits of the Legalization of Drugs

The benefits of legalizing drugs far out weighs the negatives, that is, if there really are any negatives.

Common Argument Topics

Common arguments against anarchy and the answer to them.

Online Civility

How to communicate online in away that creates and maintains civil discussion.

Layer By Layer

How do you communicate liberty to others? Are you paying attention to the person you're talking to?

10 Tips for Selling Libertarianism

Christopher Cantwell is an embarrassment when it comes to selling libertarianism. Here's the right way to do it.

Organic: Bad For You and The Land

Organic foods are not better for you. They're dangerous to your health and bad for the environment.

Bretton Woods - Violence Implied

Implied in the Bretton Woods agreement is a level of violence that has had a unique effect on world politics.

Do Spoilers Matter?

Do spoilers matter? Or does everyone need to calm down and appreciate perspective?

Obamacare: History, Economics and Praxeology

A short, incomplete essay on Obamacare and why it's an economic travesty.