''I don't lose my temper. I don't retaliate. Why are they so bent on destroying me?' - 'Because it's that unflinching peace you have that makes them so jealous, Katie. Can't you see that? You have a joy that is deep no matter what knocks you around.'' -The Tyranny of the Cubicle, Katie Jenkins McCall
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The Crying Nazi: A Sordid Retrospective

The true story of Christopher Cantwell, the Crying Nazi. Liar, drunk, and sociopathic criminal.

How Not to Sell Libertarianism

Chrisopher Cantwell is the worst example of selling libertarianism. He's the prime example of 'doing it wrong.'

20 Hard Questions! Challenge - Accepted

Presented with 20 hard questions against anarchy, I gave my answers.

Is a Scam? is just another 'information' scam created by Jeffrey Tucker.

Fuck It! We'll Do It Live! Ep. 1

Episode one of Fuck It! We'll Do It Live. Is the NAP universal, flawed, or a minor starting point in ethics?