'Morality, as far as I could see, originates in atheism and the realization that no higher power is coming along to feed the hungry or lift the fallen. Mercy is left entirely to us.' -Barbara Ehrenreich, Living with a Wild God
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Why I Left NH Regional CopBlock

I helped grow NH Regional CopBlock by 900% in YouTube subscriptions, but I couldn't stand to be around any longer.

Reputation v. Gossip

Reputation is not and should not be born from gossip. Ostracism should be based on the latter, not the former.

What Not to Do When You Get Pulled Over

If I hadn't drawn the line where I did, I may very well be sitting in prison for life, totally innocent.

Laconia Shuts Down Bike Week Music Festival

The City of Laconia drained the resources for LaconiaFest and caused it to shut down.

CopBlocking: More Than Meets the Eye

With J.P. Freeman as my CopBlock Host, I walked away completely impressed with how much more nuanced CopBlocking is than just recording.