'Search others for their virtues, thyself for thy vices.' -Benjamin Franklin
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The Crying Nazi: A Sordid Retrospective

The true story of Christopher Cantwell, the Crying Nazi. Liar, drunk, and sociopathic criminal.

How Not to Sell Libertarianism

Chrisopher Cantwell is the worst example of selling libertarianism. He's the prime example of 'doing it wrong.'

Robin Hooding - It Could Be Better

A better way to do robin hooding in the Free State Project and Keene, NH.

What Populism Really Is

Populism is being misinterpreted by libertarians looking for an excuse to revert back to statism.

Dying For Liberty (Not a Good Idea)

Chrstopher Cantwell wants you to die for liberty, but he's not willing to do it himself. (He thinks he's better than you.)

10 Tips for Selling Libertarianism

Christopher Cantwell is an embarrassment when it comes to selling libertarianism. Here's the right way to do it.

Ten Cool Sites #13

The thirteenth edition of the Ten Cool Sites series. (Now revamped!)

A Lack of Original Thought

There is a lack of original thought in libertarian media, and all other media.

Movie Night: The Man from Earth

A review of The Man From Earth from the perspective of how people react to hard truths.

Christopher Cantwell - Lies, Betrayal, Theft

An old friend of Chris Cantwell reached out to me about his shifty past and crimes.