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Christopher Cantwell - Lies, Betrayal, Theft

by Ethan Glover, Thu, Apr 23, 2015 - (Edited) Wed, Oct 19, 2016

Recently someone reached out to me about who Christopher Cantwell really is. To me, the guy has become a joke, a troll and a bully. To others, things go back farther, and deeper than I ever imagined.

When I moved to New Hampshire I was almost immediately accused of being a "saboteur" of the Free State Project by Christopher Cantwell. I never made a public response, but at first I was worried about the effect his slander would have on me. I wasn't sure how much influence he had, so made sure to explain things in depth to the Keene, NH community.

I even tried to reach out to Chris personally so we could talk things out. His refusal to acknowledge my attempts at having a private, adult conversation, led me to try and use middlemen, people who know him personally.

I thought I was done with this self-proclaimed asshole. I was willing to be friends with him, if he had been mature enough to approach me with his imagined issues with me. Now, I don't care, I even had this T-shirt made up for fun.

I never got hold of him. What I did find, however, is a huge network of people who hate Chris Cantwell, and have been victimized in his online games.

I didn't seek out the below story, I had no idea things ran this deep. When I talked to Antonio Buehler, I found some simple drama that led to fraud on Chris Cantwell's part. With others, just some regular internet tiffs. (I've already written about all of this drama, including what's mentioned here.)

But to one person who has asked to remain as anonymous as possible, I found deep betrayal and harassment.

The friend of Chris Cantwell's (we'll call him F1 for short) is someone who went to high-school with him, grew up with him, and was a personal friend for nearly two decades. That is until Chris decided to harass him about a Facebook account name.

When F1 asked Chris to stop, like a child, Chris doubled down. Instead of apologizing to an old friend, and working with him, Chris began to harass him. Calling his phone repeatedly, driving to his house at 3am with a bullhorn to yell at him, and even threatening him physically.

Even though Chris posted publicly about his drama with F1 and used his fan base to gain "trolling support," F1 never responded because he felt like he lacked the medium, or "online pull" to do so. This isn't someone who is part of the FSP community and doesn't have many people to warn about Chris Cantwell's true nature.

Every time F1 made a response to Chris on Chris' networks, they were deleted. The guy was shut down, and never allowed to have his side of the story heard.

This is how Christopher Cantwell deals with his closest "friends." Someone who tolerated Chris getting drunk at a birthday party, and allowed him to sleepover. Someone who even made him breakfast and drove him home in the morning.

F1 was the friend who helped and supported Chris for his first open-mic stand-up comedy. He was the friend who was there for Chris when he was arrested for rape.

F1 was there when Chris dove into the dangerous world of selling large quantities of drugs. F1 was there for Chris when Chris' brother was arrested for sodomizing one of F1's friends.

You can see now why I felt it important to bring attention to all this. While I'm busy ignoring Chris' petty jabs at me, there is someone out there who feels seriously, deeply, betrayed.

Someone who knows about how Chris stole 20-70 cents from hundreds of bank accounts, funneling it to his own, but never turned him in. Someone who didn't say anything when Chris owed a pound of weed to a landlord with a felony conviction, and hid an illegal gun in his room only to call the cops.

Someone who knows the drug dealers that Chris robbed, and now want his life.

I'm not out for blood. F1 isn't out for blood. Nobody is trying to get Chris killed (except the people he's running from). I couldn't care less about Christopher Cantwell anymore, but these are the stories that people need to know.

Chris denied me the right to face my accuser when he called me a saboteur, that's OK. What's not OK, to me, is when an old, loyal friend, is betrayed, harassed, and threatened over a petty argument and is never given the opportunity to let people know what really went down.

It's important to know how quick Chris is to betray people for his own online "pride" and "asshole reputation." It's important to know his shady past and that there are people looking to kill him because of robberies and setups.

I was once looking to get to know him and settle the dust. Now, I think it's important that I avoid him altogether. I thank F1 for letting me know that a little bit of trolling, was actually a deep betrayal over nothing.

If you've been victimized, betrayed, or hurt by Chris Cantwell in the past, please make sure people know. I don't want to dig too deep because I fear getting someone killed. If you want to share what you know, for the sake others who may have to deal with this man in the future, get in contact with me using the social links at the top of the page.

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