'There are dangers to radical self-awareness and honesty. People will hurt you. People won't care that they've hurt you. People will justify hurting you. People will think that hurting you made them a victim of your reaction. People might expect thanks that they've hurt you and caused you to grow so strong.' -M.K. Lords

13 Active But Unknown Libertarian Blogs

by Ethan Glover, Sun, Dec 28, 2014 - (Edited) Tue, Dec 26, 2017

Currently I'm studying digital marketing and getting started in the industry. I often see that creating content and sharing it isn't good enough to get you found. No matter how good you are. This list of unknown libertarian blogs is a testament to that fact.

This isn't to say that blogging is dead; in fact, even if you're doing a podcast or video series, you're going to want a blog to back it up. At least written transcripts for the entire show or selected clips.

That's beside the point. All the listed blogs are great reads and worth checking out. Next to each, the number represents their Alexa rating at the time of this writing.

It's disappointing to me that they aren't as well-known as they could be, and I wish them all the best of luck moving forward.

  1. The Autonomous Zone [Discontinued] 22,333,801 - Cartoons, economics, media, politics, this is a great site. Give it a read, chances are you'll find something you like.
  2. Libertarian Leanings 12,470,948 - I don't know what happened to the rank of this one, it dropped 7 million in 3 months. Maybe it was hit by a new search algorithm, but it doesn't matter. This is an occasionally updated site that always has interesting and humorous commentary on politics.
  3. Actively Disengaged 8,982,506 - OK, so this is a comic not a blog. I don't care, I like it and I think more people should read it. It's always good fun.
  4. Freespace 8,732,514 - Timothy Sandefurs personal blog with some great thoughts on general politics and libertarian philosophy. Timothy is a lesser known scholar, but worth following.
  5. Inside McFloogle's Mind 7,715,332 - I've been following McFloogle for awhile and there's always something worth reading here. It's a personal blog with personal thoughts, but they're thoughts worth paying attention to.
  6. Peace and Markets [Discontinued] 7,278,881 - This is another blog I've been following for a long time. Stephan's posts are always short and sweet. They bring attention to important matters and say a lot in a few words.
  7. J. Neil Schulman 6,982,262 - There is some great commentary and reviews on media to be found here. For an added bonus, you'll find the occasional commentary on the real world.
  8. Everything-Voluntary 5,680,194 - This blog isn't updated often, but it's updated enough. It's a multi-author blog with random topics on anarchy and voluntarism.
  9. Anarchant 5,373,538 - Shameless and useless plug, I know. I had to do it, if only to show that even young domains (1 month) can do well enough to be found by a few.
  10. We Are Libertarians 3,269,692 - Another multi-author blog that comments largely on recent news and happenings. Most authors of this site are willing to dig deep on an issues and go over every detail.
  11. Sex and the State 1,513,291 - This one is half marketing, half libertarian, but I still love it. And yes, the author Cathy sometimes talks about sex.
  12. Notes on Liberty 916,548 - One of the higher ranked blogs on this list, but still not a site you hear about everyday. It's a highly referenced site due to it's quasi-scholarly nature but its still an easy read.
  13. Competitive Enterprise Institute 572,299 - The title of this blog is quite a mouthful but this is a worthwhile way to read up on activism and politics.

UPDATE: 14. The XX Committee 351,718 - A last minute addition and a great one. I only discovered this site a few moments ago via Twitter and am impressed with what I've skimmed over. There is obviously a lot of detail and attention put into this blog on "intelligence, strategy, and security in a dangerous world."

Note: I originally had a lot more sites lined up for this article based on some suggestions. Unfortunately, a few of them are only pulling content from other websites. If you know of any lesser known blogs, or have one, let me know and I'll be  happy to add it.

For potential bloggers out there, please note that there is a huge lack of original content and thoughts on the internet, especially in the Anarcho-Capitalist world.

If you spend a lot of time typing out long responses on forums and social networks, or have a lot of thoughts about what you're reading, consider starting your own site. I'd be willing to help anyone out with this.

I do SEO consulting, contact me to get your website audited and to get a report on how to get found. It's free for most, especially small sites, so don't be afraid to do so.

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