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Sources for Information on Anarcho-Capitalism

by Ethan Glover, Mon, Dec 15, 2014 - (Edited) Tue, Dec 26, 2017

Over at Liberty Resource Directory, two of the lists I maintain is of podcasts and video channels. Not everything on those lists is about anarcho-capitalism or even libertarianism. In fact, most of them aren't. Nevertheless, here are ten sources for podcasts or videos that are specifically informational. These channels and podcasts aim to inform rather than to entertain which make them perfect starting points for the budding AnCap.

  1. Anarchast
    - Hosted by Jeff Berwick, this weekly, 30-minute show interviews anarcho-capitalists. It focuses on the work they are doing and products they are building in order to move forth the ideas of liberty.
  2. bitbutter - This YouTube channel does not update very frequently, but bitbutter is something of a legend. His videos are highly shared because they get straight to the point and illustrate the tenets of the philosophy perfectly.
  3. Brave the World - Julia is an excellent interviewer. When she talks to people, she goes deep and gets to the heart of the matter. Her other videos are always informative and often mixed with some great humor.
  4. Freedomain Radio
    - Sold as the biggest philosophy show on the internet, this is a call-in show that covers a wide array of topics. The host Stefan Molyneux often takes issues back to childhood roots during call-in shows to get to the real source. His "Truth About" series has also become an authority source on recent issues in the liberty and anarchy world.
  5. Josie the Outlaw - This channels sole purpose is to be informational towards the viewer. Its goal is to help people understand libertarian ideals. Josie always explains things well and in a way that any newbie can understand.
  6. Larken Rose - Similar to Josie the Outlaw, Larken Rose is always looking to convert people over into libertarian anarchy. His videos take a more direct approach and hit where it hurts when it comes to statist hypocrisy.
  7. Learn Liberty
    - This is a unique channel whose videos mostly feature economic professors. It takes on political issues; drugs, price gouging, and everything else. Their videos are always short and concise.
  8. Lew Rockwell Radio - Lew is a well-known scholar in the libertarian world. His show interviews other scholars on anarcho-capitalist and libertarian issues.
  9. Mises Audio - The Mises Institute has a large collection of free audio books, audio essays, interviews, commentary, lectures, they have it all. Mises Audio is probably the most robust source on anarcho-capitalist media you will find anywhere.
  10. V for Voluntary
    - This channel acts as a repository and collection of speeches, classes, and interviews relating to libertarianism. If you are looking for old speeches by Murray Rothbard or classes by Leonard Read, this is the go-to source.