'Drugs, in short, do not make anyone into an addict, any more than food makes a person into a compulsive eater.' -Gabor Mate, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts

4 Open Letters

by Ethan Glover, Sun, Aug 25, 2013 - (Edited) Sat, Dec 30, 2017

This is an open letter to all whom it may concern:

We are taught as children that it is not OK to hit or steal, that using violence to achieve your goals or wants is not the right way. We are taught as children that it is better to talk things out, cooperate, be polite and respect the opinions of others. We are taught as children that we are not the center of the universe and that in this world there are many millions of people. All with their own unique way of thinking and doing things. As most people grow up, they forget all of this, they may think that they remember but they don't. Many grow to believe that if someone else commits those acts, the simple acts children know is wrong, it is ok. So long as most adults agree to it.

The United States government, and all other governments for that matter are systems of aggression. They institutions that hit, steal, uses violence to achieve their goals and is intolerant to the minority that does not stick to the status quo. These governments exist only because fully grown adults believe that they have a moral right to enslave others, to force them into their system and take their money by force. People believe that they can call blatant thievery tax and say that it is not the same thing. They claim that without government people would not have rights, they would not be equal. It is only in the anarchist society that natural rights are fully recognized, it is only in the anarchist society that equality can be reached. Forcing people to be equal is not equality. Forcing one "color" to bow down and give special privileges to another "color" because they are labeled as "oppressed" is not equality. Allowing a ruling class to be exempt from the law while targeting others is not equality. Thinking that those in government are superior is not equality.

The people are enslaved through not only taxes but this forced system of government that has been thrown on us at birth. Human beings are contracted out at birth to be held as future value for the debt of nations. People are forced to work for paper that it is not worth a thing while regulations set the "salaries" setting a level of "rations" that everyone must receive. Those who work outside this system are considered "outlaws". It is not they who are the outlaws, it is the governments. The criminal institutions that give themselves special exemptions to laws and the monopoly on the enforcement of those laws.

Government is by its very definition crime. When a group of 10 people get together and vote that you must leave your house and allow them to take full control is that proper? Is it right for them to do so? What gives them the authority? The act of voting? Or is it the fact that they, as a group of 10 outnumber you as the individual? How does a government, which the people outnumber maintain control? Through the illusion that government has any moral legitimacy whatsoever. The illusion that any group can get together and make decisions for other people who are naturally free and sovereign. They say the government gets its authority when people register to vote or because of a social contract. This contract does not exist, it is imaginary in the minds of those who excuse their own immoral and disgusting decision to support the idea that is government. Government is not a building, it is not a person, it is not even a group of people. It is the idea that there are some individuals who have the right to others lives. It is the idea that there is a ruling class of humans who are capable of making decisions for the many. It is the idea that the majority can vote on the life of a minority as if it were a video game. As if they were playing the sims this majority sits in their homes, watches the news and decides for themselves who can and can not get married. Who can and cannot trade and what they can trade with. They decide for themselves what drugs and drinks are ok and they fight to enforce those ideas on the rest of the people who happen to be within an imaginary border. The pure ridiculousness of this can not be stressed enough.

Government is not about right and wrong, it does not represent right and wrong. We are taught right and wrong as children and find it to be a very simple concept that resides in our nature. It is only as we get into school and become adults that the difference between black and white is blurred. We are told that this is normal, that life is more complicated than what our gut tells us. We are taught to make excuses for the queasy feeling we get when the United States starts another war. We are taught to let the rulers do what they are meant to do and to just continue watching the TV. In the meantime this "government" run by the "ruling class" makes itself immune to its own criminal actions. Murder, stealing, destruction. All of these things are OK when "they" call themselves government. These people rule thanks to the idea of government, not the existence of government. There is no consent of the governed, there is only the consent of the majority to rob, cheat and kill the minority. There is the consent of the majority to continue the wars on particular religious groups, on all those who oppose the state, the wars on drugs and guns. There is the consent of mob rule, of the majority outnumbering the minority and using the force of government to enact that force.

The government does not progress human society, it does not, has not and never will be of any benefit to any human except those criminals who leech off the innocent. Government is an immoral and primitive wall holding back the unlimited potential of humankind. It is the source and antagonizer of national racism, death, non violent crimes and dangerous black markets. There is only one thing that has caused any progress in advanced society and that is the free market. Capitalism. Cooperation. Free trade. People working together to make mutually beneficial arrangements and specializing in trades. Wealth is created by the work of people to make useful products out of the resources found on the rich earth. Value is created by the trade of these products in a way that they may reach those who need them or want them. The government pretends to be better and higher than nature by redistributing wealth by force. By forcing transactions that are at the very best beneficial to one party while harming the other. In all honesty most of these forced and unnatural transactions harm both parties and benefit only the ruling class.

There is a reason that the government requires a monopoly on force and law. It's because the government is an inferior system that would not be accepted if it were not for that force. With free market and private institutions, competition and free market, the current government institutions would have to adapt to become companies working for money rather than vote and criminal immunity. Either that or they would disappear in a matter of days. Without a self proclaimed monopoly, the illusion of social contracts and the legitimate authority of government would be seen for what it truly is. Criminal. People do not want to oppose the government, they are afraid, they are afraid of the force it brings and afraid of life without it. Like the slave subject to stockholm syndrome.

In order for civilization to grow and progress it does not need theft. There does not need to be groups of people considered to be superior and immune to law in order for societies to be safe and happy. In fact the opposite is true. Government, in all forms big or small is anti-society. It is a destructor of all that is good. The non aggression principle, which many claim to follow but are just pushing their form of government, is the bedrock of morality. It is a description of the natural law that is inside of us. The law that forms inside of us when we are children and learn that we do not like to be hit or stolen from or treated unfairly. Living by the non aggression principle means living without theft and violence unless in the extreme cases of self defense. Government is immoral, it is violent, it is the exact opposite of virtue and is entirely contradictory to the non aggression principle by any form.

Interactions and trade should not be forced on people, they should be voluntary. It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from, your transactions with other people must be mutual and voluntary. Anything that does not meet this one simple requirement is crime. Trading via the free market means mutually beneficial interactions. The government blocks the legitimate sale of drugs and the creation of businesses without a forceful distraction to appease the state.

To engage in political action of any kind is to be guilty of or legitimizing criminal activity. To vote for another man to make decisions for me is a crime and is absolutely inexcusable. To pretend that forcing any system of government on any people is right and justified is delusional, sociopathic, and downright sick.

There is nothing complicated or extraordinary about anarchy. Most of our lives is lived in anarchy. Those elements are better for us and provide us with personal growth while the actions of the government holds us back, destroys us, humiliates us, dumbs us down, and turns us into pathetic creatures lower than animals slithering at the toes of the state. Anarchy is a matter of will. A matter of recognizing the fact that you as a human being are free to live. It is recognizing your right to your own body by the mere fact that it is you who creates it and it is you and only you that can take responsibility for your actions. Anarchy is a matter of recognizing the state for what it really is, a criminal institution run and supported by the lowest forms of life.

Anarchy is about proper parenting. Teaching children to live non violent and non coercive lives and showing them by example how to live such lives. It's about showing them how to solve their problems rather than attempting to force criminals solve it for them. Hiring the mafia to give you a job has nothing but negative consequences for you and especially those around you. Anarchy is the only peaceful path and is the way to prosperity.

This an open letter to all governments everywhere: Dear Government:

This is an open letter to those who call me their friend, family or close one who believe that any system of government is moral and right:

Those of you who believe in being a "Democrat" and "Republican" when will you wake up? A 1 minute look at the stances of each party will show you with the clearest possible terms that it is all a stupid game. Should the government control the economy or "morality"? What a joke it is. Back and forth every 8 years, it is a pathetic display of the stupidest and most consequential game on this planet. You must have the attention span and IQ of an acorn. Dumbly picking between the lesser of two evils via vote every 4 years is the most slavish solution to being held captive. "Can I take your money and fund a race war that I've always wanted to start?", "I'd prefer you didn't, but if you insist: here's half my paycheck." That's exactly what you are doing. Those of you who vote for these parties are personally responsible for decades of war crimes, murder, theft and child abuse of an entire nation. You deserve nothing less than to be tried for these crimes and given proper sentences. Your only solace in the anarchist world and in this one, is that everyone is guilty. The mass number of constant crimes prevents proper punishment. Murder is a trending thing to donate to and loudly and publicly support. You are the problem. You are the representation of the destruction of all mankind. You in your infinite stupidity and constant fighting against yourself, your neighbors and the rest of all societies.

Those of you who believe in a "libertarian" form of government, fuck you for ruining the title of libertarianism. Fuck you for taking an age old philosophy and turning it into politics. You who think that because you want "less" government or call yourself minarchist that you are somehow better than the rest. You cowards who know and understand the non aggression principle but do not want to oppose the ruling class. You who believe that after every government in all of history has grown and failed due to tyranny and control, that somehow your narrow minded worship of the constitution will save the whole god damned world. You who ignore the fact that every single government in all of history has grown and failed, but all you have to do is vote for someone who will press a fucking reset button and start the whole bloody, immoral, messy disgusting process all over again. You who claim to be thinkers, open minded, educated and unwilling to accept the mainstream yet are just as much stupid criminals as all the other statists. You are in fact worse than any other statist, because statists know and accept that they support the state. You claim you do not while bowing down at its feet.

Your system, like all other systems, is not superior to others. Your unoriginal and copied perspective on how "government" should rule over peoples lives is not moral. Theft is theft, it doesn't matter how much takes place. Murder is murder it doesn't matter how often it is done. Supporting less of these things is still supporting these things. You are like the little girl who gets caught swiping candy and points at her brother and says, "He ate more!". So fuck you for indoctrinating the nation into thinking that your bullshit is an option. Fuck you for making things harder for true libertarians who actually fucking get it and are not so cowardly that they won't express the simple facts. Fuck you for being stubborn and stupid pricks who are willing to throw away millions of lives for the sake of popularity.

This is an open letter to anarchists, voluntarists, real libertarians and all similar folks: