'Homo sapiens is the species that invents symbols in which to invest passion and authority, then forgets that symbols are inventions.' -Joyce Carol Oates

The Crying Nazi: A Sordid Retrospective

by Ethan Glover, Mon, Jun 15, 2015 - (Edited) Tue, Mar 13, 2018

DISCLAIMER: This is not a gossip article, all sources were asked to remain anonymous unless they had good reason. The following is the story about a very interesting person. The first section contains proof that claims he made against me are impossible. The second contains stories, in the voices of those I heard them from. The third contains some silliness that may or may not be true. Skip forward to anything you like using the table of contents below the introduction.

It was a curious thing to see myself fraudulently attacked after moving to New Hampshire by someone I'd never met and never talked to. "This guy really rolls out the red carpet!", I thought. When he called me a liar, black-hat SEO, and FSP saboteur, I didn't get it at all.

However, through conversations with people close to him, by further looking through Chris' claims, and stepping back to understand why so many people hate this man, it became clear. He does this sort of thing for attention. He attacks who he perceives to be weak in some sort of broken form of self-defense.

Chris Cantwell is an egomaniac bully and once I learned that truth, his actions and behavior became a joke. He is a moving, perpetual train wreck that provides an endless source of entertainment.

Initially, I decided not to respond to Chris Cantwell's claims against me because they're petty, conspiratorial, and childish. Now that I realize that Cantwell is just a target, someone who endlessly sets himself up to be "jabbed" at for attention, I figured it's time I post that response.

LOL, Nice Try

From, "Ethan Glover - Another Saboteur Arrives in Keene"

Cantwell v. Ashley/Damon

"[Blah blah blah, I'm Chris Cantwell and I'm such a terrible writer that I can't just start writing. I need a long, meaningless couple of paragraphs to get started and I'm too self involved to delete them before publishing.]
Luckily, in the case of Ashley and Damon, they were quickly exposed and run out of town. Unbeknownst to me however, another saboteur had arrived around the same time, and kept a lower profile."

It's interesting that Cantwell would try to compare me to Ashley and Damon. These were a couple of kids who had been feeding off of each other for so long that their world had become limited to a few inside jokes. They were kicked out of almost as many places as Chris during their visit to New Hampshire thanks to loud, obnoxious, and rude behavior.

Although, to their credit, they were sober the whole time, unlike the loud, obnoxious and rude subject of this particular piece.

Some claimed that the two were "federal agents." There's no evidence to support this, only a paranoia that says any weird or rude person is a fed. (Which is why I've suspected Cantwell himself.)

With the comparison made, Chris called me a saboteur. He made this claim knowing that I have been active within the online liberty community for years. If one were to research my online presence, they'd find extended comments on libertarian sites and forums. Reddit, the Daily Anarchist forums, the Mises Institute forums, and many others.

My certifications for the Mises Institute go back as far as February 2013:

My public Goodreads profile will take my study of libertarian literature even further back:

For a saboteur, I've been consistently "studying" libertarianism and it's community for quite some time. I'd like one ounce of evidence that there is any agency or organization that is willing to pay for someone to essentially go through a real conversion to liberty for years before moving to New Hampshire to "sabotage" the whole thing. As an individual. For the thousands that are already here.

Cantwell's Original Beef and Why He Banned Me

"Ethan Glover has been banned from the comments of this blog for months. He was also banned from my Facebook page and blocked on various social media outlets. Ethan fancies himself a blogger, but presumably isn't very successful, as he thought a good way to advertise his blog would be to spam it all over this one. When I banned one account, he created a new one, until eventually I started banning his IP addresses."

What Chris means here by "spamming a blog all over this one" is a classic thing that only recently became "bad practice" within the last few years. Signatures.

Essentially, every time I left a comment on Cantwell's blog or anywhere else that used simple comment systems like Disqus and LiveFyre, I'd leave a link back to my site at the bottom. It'd look something like this:

[Comment on Content]




[Another comment]

-Ethan Glover

Signatures have never had any effect on the marketing for websites, it's just a way to say, "This is me. Click here to get a better understanding of the things I care about."

While I no longer do this, it's certainly not spam. It's the same thing as setting up a linked signature in a forum. Which, oddly enough, is still considered to be OK by most of the internet.

Chris naively, and obsessively bans all linking on his sites and social networks. He thinks that somehow people do this for their own SEO, or that it damages his SEO. The guy has an immense level of ignorance when it comes to digital marketing, but pretends he knows what he's doing.

All comment systems and most forums (BBForums, LiveFyre, Disqus, Google+, Facebook, etc.) use nofollow tags for all links. This means search engine robots do not follow them and give them no consideration whatsoever. Even all external links on Wikipedia are given nofollow tags. Factually, links in comments have no effect on search engine rankings at all.

Secondly, I've never called myself a blogger and I don't advertise on my blogs. My site is a place for me to put some thoughts when I want to. It's a playground for me to play with web development (note that everything here is coded manually, no Wordpress here.) For the most part, they never get read because I don't market them. When I do, I'm actually quite good at it.

This site, as something that is rarely updated, and only for my personal use, has been mentioned on national radio at the least three times and has been given a nod by top influencers in both the libertarian and marketing worlds on multiple occasions.

Why? With the national radio cases being the exceptions, it's because I ask for it to be mentioned.

Last, I have never created multiple accounts for the purpose of commenting on Chris Cantwell's sites. That is a flat out lie and I challenge him to provide a single piece of evidence for it. I was, however, banned from three of his accounts. Here's why:

  1. Facebook - Chris runs a fraudulent website in which he posts under the name of an activist by the name of Antonio Buehler. When Chris shared a post from that site on his Facebook page called, "Merry MLK Day!" (Archived), I noticed something disturbing. People actually believe that's Antonio's website.

    In the Facebook conversation for the post, I informed people of this fact by posting a link to the information of the website. It proved that Chris Cantwell's main site,, and are all located on the same name servers.

    I was almost immediately banned from Chris Cantwell's Facebook page following this comment.

  2. Email - Following the Facebook ban, I sent a message to Cantwell's email address asking him why he banned me. He replied, "If you want to advertise on my site, buy ads you fucking loser."

    I replied, offering to buy ads. He never responded. We'll ignore the fact that is obviously not my site, and the comment wasn't on his website.

    I wasn't banned from sending Cantwell email, but he did threaten to mark my address as spam. An odd, empty threat, but what do I care? I just stopped emailing the prick.

  3. Commenting on his site - In a post about "celebritarians", Chris says, "Make sure your top level domain (TLD, the .com, .net. part of your URL) is a .com because search engines take this into consideration and it is easier for people to remember."

    As a note, it's cute that Chris thinks he's a celebrity and thinks he has the chops to teach others, it's like Paris Hilton teaching people how to act.

    His claim about search engines taking TLDs into consideration is wrong. This is a nonsensical policy anyway. There is controversy over whether or not people click on them more, but evidence generally points to that being a myth as well.

    I told Cantwell he was wrong in his claim and he responded with a link that he thinks says otherwise. When I explained that his source is talking about the "people click on .com's" controversy, not actual search ranking algorithms, my comment was deleted and I was banned.

    (An updated MOZ article on TLD's. Matt Cutts on TLD's.)

The undeleted part of this conversation, which took place soon after the email, can be found here.

Cantwell Used 'Black Hat' Methods on His Own Site

"Ethan didn't appreciate [being banned] very much. He went to other places, particularly left libertarian blogs, and told lies about me. One of the lies he told was that I was doing "black hat SEO link building". A spam tactic that used to trick search engines into giving one higher search rankings. Google long ago figured that tactic out, and began punishing sites that engaged in it. Ethan was very much aware of this, judging by his comments on the other blog."

What Chris doesn't know is that Google only punishes sites that do spam backlink building on themselves. It does not punish websites that are 'attacked.' They do this not only through IP tracking but by analyzing the vast amounts of data they have on people's web use.

If someone sends spam links your way, they get filtered out as spam through similar methods that spam email gets filtered out. They're completely ignored and Google will never even send you a message about it. (Google Webmaster tools give users what is called "manual action" notifications when they need to take some sort of action to fix major problems.)

As for the "left libertarian blogs," I have no clue what he's talking about. The only left libertarian blog I've ever commented on is C4SS (unless you count Bleeding Heart Libertarians) and I can't find the comments he's talking about here.

I did, on the other hand, have a discussion with Thomas L. Knapp on his site (which is far from 'left libertarian') about how Chris Cantwell asked his Facebook fans about using Fiverr gigs for his own website back in 2012-2013. Specifically he asked about using a linked gig for "Pyramid Backlink Building." I actually warned him about it because I was a fan at the time. But, despite that warning, many others said it was a good idea, so he announced that he would do it.

This, by the way, is after he bragged about using Fiverr to buy likes for his Facebook page. To this day, those fake likes remain a large portion of his page likes.

Chris has never been shy of using Fiverr to create "fans".

There is no way for other people to do your backlink building for you because it is so intimately tied to your own writing and mostly involves doing personal outreach to influential people in your own industry. (It's about building personal relationships.) You're lucky if you can get 1-2 good backlinks. The kinds of Fiverr gigs Chris talked about using on his Facebook account (his older posts have been deleted) offer thousands of links.

There's no way to do this without using software that blindly adds links to spam directories that already exist on spam lists for search engines. The gigs Chris used aren't necessarily damaging, but they will result in it looking like a lot of sites are linking to your own. Even though those links don't help you one bit.

Another point that should be obvious is that these links won't appear instantly on tools like Google Webmasters. It's not like I can make a comment and hours later Chris be getting messages that someone is 'attacking' him. That's not how it works. The kinds of sites that produce play host to links in this manner are not crawled regularly by Google. Most of them aren't even indexed. It can indeed take a year or more for backlinks to show up.

There are tools that can pick some links almost instantly, but they tend to focus on social networks which have no bearing on SEO as 'backlinks'. Rather, these tools are meant a way to track conversation.

Either way, Chris paints a vague picture of me leaving a comment somewhere and then some links to his website appearing a few hours later. No details given, just an apparently impossible timeline that doesn't make much sense to begin with.

"I called him out as a liar for saying that about me. For one, even if I had done it, he couldn't possibly have known without some kind of inside information or having seen said link building on his own platforms. Secondly, I had not in fact done so. And third, doing so would not have worked."

One, my inside information was Chris himself in a semi-public post on his Facebook page. Second, somebody apparently did, maybe who he paid $5 to do so? Third, I know, that's what I warned him about a year or two prior.

"Ethan continued to insist he knew I was engaged in this activity despite those facts, and shortly after, someone, presumably him, started building such links to this site. This is what is known as "Negative SEO" a fraudulent vandalism technique where one does malicious things on the internet and attempts to make it look like a rival had done it. A false flag attack, if you will."

This is the impossible timeline mentioned above. I've worked with a lot of SEO software (even the high-dollar, industry stuff) and none can pick up direct backlinks that fast. Shortly after some unreferenced comments? Never going to happen.

Cantwell Can't Fix His Own Fuck Ups

"Hundreds if not thousands of spam blog posts, comments, and fake accounts began linking to this website, creating an enormous amount of work for me as I attempt to identify, disavow, and have said links removed."

If this happened, and I believe it did based on the Fivver gigs, it would not have taken an enormous amount of effort to fix. Disavowing links from spam directories is a useless process, but can be done almost instantly. As they show up under webmaster tools, you can simply export them as a spreadsheet and re-upload them to the disavow tool.

The disavow process (which says, "This link is spam, don't consider it for search rankings.") is not a dependable one for Google though. They go through the links methodically to make sure they aren't spamming anything that isn't actually spam. Google doesn't want to punish websites based on some bad information from users. This is why they recommend that users try to solve the issue privately, with the linking website.

What's likely is that the links Cantwell disavowed had already been disavowed previously. Remember, this is essentially the same process as spam for email. When enough people report an address for spam, such as the ones that are used for mass backlinks tools, it gets filtered to the spam folder.

Random Hatred Spews Forth

"Ethan denies having done this, but that's exactly what you would expect a liar to do, right? Also, Ethan fancies himself an SEO expert, so it makes sense he would use this sort of tactic against an enemy. He writes and comments frequently about SEO tactics and link building. Just check out his profile on, or, watch him brag about comment spam, and rewriting the content of others, on his own blog. Ethan Glover is a search engine vandal, and a fraud."

Chris Cantwell is not my enemy and I've never regarded him as such. I love the guy. As I mentioned before, he's an endless source of entertainment. I don't watch his blog or pay any attention to him, yet somehow I always catch wind of his most recent fuck up, stupid action, or idiotic ramblings about killing children and mailmen over paper clips and flower beds.

I've never called myself an SEO expert either. I've done marketing work professionally and continue to do consulting to this day for next to nothing in my free time. It's simply something I enjoy.

Last, read the blog Chris links to on my site. There's no bragging there. Rewriting old competitor content is a tried and true marketing strategy. If done wrong, it can be kind of sketchy. But when you're using a year old post with outdated information as inspiration for something to update and add to? That's considered ethical in the marketing world. Sorry if that offends you.

However, I do like the title, "search engine vandal." It has a nice rebellious ring to it, and I accept it for comedic/sarcastic purposes. Maybe I'll make a t-shirt.

As for fraud, there's a lot of projection in those words. This is coming from a man who posts under Antonio Buehler's name in an attempt to make him look bad and does the same with Stop Free Keene.

Lastly, note that Chris hasn't even make any claims against me that would suggest fraud to begin with. Even in his own made up story, Cantwell is lying while calling me a liar.

Muh Information! Collection! Oh noes!

"So I am none too pleased about his presence here. He moved right around the same time as Ashley and Damon. He has not been an active participant in any activism I've seen. He just came to the city I call home, after vandalizing my website, and began collecting information."

Chris isn't very social. He tends to get kicked out of everywhere he goes for being a drunken retard. However, if he'd taken the many opportunities to meet me when I arrived in New Hampshire, he would know that I have been very open about my lack of activism.

As people like Ian Freeman, James Cleaveland, and Garret Ean may be able to recall (it was months ago) I said the limit of my activism has been a protest in Kansas City on the Federal Reserve and a protest on the Bilderberg group in Virginia. (I drove from Missouri just for that second protest.)

I said I wasn't impressed and that maybe I just haven't seen the "right stuff." I am, however, very open to things like Cop Block and outreach. I keep close track of things that are happening in Keene in the hopes that something will match my schedule.

It's funny that Cantwell's biggest fear of me is that I'm "collecting information." As someone who apparently never goes outside, what could I possibly be collecting? Facebook rants? I could've done that from Missouri. A coincidence in arrival time between the Ashley/Damon duo and I makes me a "saboteur" who's going to "collect information" while not "participating." The conclusion here couldn't be anymore stupid.

Chris Hates His Own Friends

"Unfortunately, it looks like my friends in Keene are going to wait until he fucks one of them over before they run him out of town. So I'll just have to sit back and enjoy the show, waiting to issue many "I told you so's" when he eventually does."

It's been four months. When will I make my move? When will I fuck someone over? Maybe in between the work shifts that I do with other liberty movers?

I've certainly had open arguments with other people in Keene that a couple of people, totally uninvolved in the discussion, used as an excuse to "unfriend" me (oh no!) and turn their backs at social events. None of which that I've seen Cantwell at, because he's been run out of all the common spots.

But I've made a lot more friends, and continue to do so. I'm not an activist, just a mover who found an awesome community to live side by side with. I tried to talk to Chris personally by using friends of his as middlemen. He refused to do so. He didn't even have the courage to say no to me personally. The below is a screenshot from a closed group meant for the local liberty community in Keene, NH.

This is the same guy who not too long ago went to a Christmas celebration with his family with the intention of starting a controversial discussion and "DeFooing". The guy doesn't know how to handle conflict and maintain relationships with disagreements and awkward pasts. He's a drunken, lying, coward, and I couldn't care less what he thinks about me.

More Cantwell

I'm no stranger to calling out the unethical, jackass behavior of Chris Cantwell and I see no reason to stop until people wake up to who this man is. Chris has a very extensive history of harassing and criminal behavior. He's had a thousand second chances from some and it's about time they open their eyes.

Bear mace

Starting with the rap sheet that only includes a very limited amount of information, there's the famous bear mace incident. After trolling a couple on Facebook over a joint account, Chris was asked to stop. But because he's a bully, Chris sees things like joint accounts and being ask to stop as 'weak.' He pushed things to an unbelievable level.

After a few arguments, this trolling over an online account ended in Chris driving to a friends house in the middle of the night, yelling at him with a bull horn (presumably waking up neighbors), and threatening him with bear mace when he came out.

Robin Hood Harassments

In the case of Robin Hooding in Keene, Chris thought it would be a good idea to go from filling parking meters to harassing meter maids. Of course, if any of those meter maids weren't women or small, Chris would undoubtedly refrain from the behavior. Cowards don't pick on those who are bigger than them.

Driving Drunk Through PorcFest

In an article about why Chris was kicked out of the KAC (Keene Activist Center) and why he's not right for Keene, Ian Freeman wrote:

"Chris has a drinking problem. He frequently drinks too much and then is even more likely to talk about violence and get very loud. At Porcfest he was witnessed driving drunk more than once. He says he stopped driving drunk after Pete Eyre talked to him on Wednesday about it, but I talked to him on Tuesday (since he drove drunk on Monday night) and apparently that didn't stop him as he was driving drunk Tuesday night as well. A couple of nights he was stumbling drunk and had to be helped back to his campsite so he didn't hurt himself. He rewarded one of his helpers by calling her some very foul names and throwing a water bottle at her. He has since apologized to her for this behavior, but Chris apologizing is a pretty rare occurrence. That's partially because he loves to argue and doesn't care who he upsets."

One apology out of all the people he put in danger and inconvenienced does not make things right. Because Cantwell is a sociopath, he knew Ian Freeman speaking against him was bad for business. So he "apologized" in the comment section of the article above and that was considered good enough.

Chris was invited back to the KAC, only to be kicked out again at a later date. Today, members are again considering his return despite his insulting or belittling the members when the subject is brought up. Similar to his post on the Keeniacs group in the screenshot above.

Physical Assault

Despite being kicked out multiple times, Cantwell is generally welcome at the KAC at any time. In one of his most recent incidents Cantwell was approached by someone at the KAC he had trouble with in the past. Due to his cowardice when it comes to conflict, the situation didn't end well.

When approached, Cantwell slapped the other guy, knocking his phone on the ground and grabbed him by the neck. All as an immature way to say, "Go away, I don't want to talk to you."

Looking for Trouble With Strangers

In a video Cantwell was given too much credit for, Chris filmed an argument some people were having on a sidewalk telling them, "I want to make sure nobody get's hurt." He lied by saying that if anyone didn't get hurt, he wouldn't put it on YouTube. But if the past is any guide, that's the only reason he was recording in the first place.

Everyone in the group that Chris filmed either asked him to leave or hid from the camera. No one wants their personal drama to go out on some assholes YouTube channel over nothing. When Chris refused, a woman tried (and failed) to do the same thing Chris tried (and succeeded) to do to someone that recorded him. Physically attack.

Chris Cantwell has always been a fan of violence. One of the many reasons for being kicked out of organizations like the Free State Project, A Voice for Men and even the Keene Activist Center has been his recommendation of violence against state agents.

Go Forth and Murder! (Except Not Me.)

He has not only made the case for shooting mailmen, paperclip thieves, and little girls sleeping in flower beds, but he has openly stated that the two murders of cops in New York did more good than the entire history of the Libertarian Party.

What he failed to recognize is that it wasn't the cop murders that slowed down arrests as he claims. There was an ongoing protest by police on the mayor of New York. But Chris doesn't care about such a thing, because as a bully, his solution to getting attention is violence.

A fan, however, did mention that Chris is too important to get himself killed. Possibly suggesting that it is his fans that should get themselves killed. Maybe that was Chris' goal for saying such a thing? Chris is, of course, too much of a coward to follow his own ideology.

shut up nigger

As a full time troll, Chris often tries to provoke people on social media for the purpose of getting an unthought out reaction. An example is when instead of responding to criticism he received by a black person (after Chris trolled him), Chris simply called him a nigger:

As explained by Jim Jesus, Chris did the same thing with Michael Brown's parents. Unfortunately for Cantwell, this attempt at getting attention only resulted in his being kicked off of FreeTalkLive.

This entire issue was broken down to a much greater extent by Todd Andrew Barnett in, Christopher Cantwell Defending His Racist-Fueled Twitter Tweet.

Breaking Contracts, Taking Advantage of Friends

Despite all of this, Chris sociopathically makes sure to maintain a few beneficial relationships. As a prime example, Chris' biggest fan (who is obviously being taken advantage of for his social pull), Derrick J, convinced Michael Dean to allow him, for one time only, on the Freedom Feens.

Chris agreed, live on air, that on the condition that he be allowed on the show, he wouldn't speak negatively about the absent Michael Dean or the show. What's the first thing he does? Speaks negatively about both. Instead of dropping him from the show immediately, Derrick cut his mic temporarily, reminded him of the agreement, and let him back on. Chris then finished his petty rant against the show.

Later, in the middle of another live show, Derrick J played witness to Chris stumbling around the LRN studio in a drunken stupor mumbling to himself. The man has no respect for even the work of the people he calls "friends."

Rapist, Money Thief, Fraudulent Accusations

If all this weren't bad enough, here's the final nail in the coffin. I've talked extensively to both Cantwell's "friends" (as if that's possible for him) and others who have known him. The most damning information about him that I've been given permission to share comes from a friend who has known him since high school.

Chris Cantwell is an ex-convict who was arrested for rape. This is typical for his family, as his brother was also arrested for sodomy. Chris has a long history as a drug dealer, and when he owed an ex-felon landlord a pound of weed, he decided to solve the situation by planting a gun in the landlord's apartment and calling the cops.

As a way to support himself in his "drug days," and maybe even today, Chris stole thousands of dollars by taking pennies at a time from hundreds of bank accounts at a time.

Chris Cantwell is a thief and rapist. He's lied to, and broke contracts with, friends on multiple occasions and still somehow gets a pass from a few. He attacks people and provokes violence just to get attention. This is unacceptable. This isn't like the Stefan Molyneux "cult," Chris poses a direct and objective threat to every relationship, organization, and movement he associates with.

PorcFest 2015

Despite being kicked out of the Free State Project, Chris Cantwell found himself feeling lonely when all the "friends" he hates were having a good time at the annual Porcupine Freedom Festival. His solution to this was to drive two and a half hours to Lancaster, NH so he could park on the other side of the street of the gates and hand out free beer.

It's pathetic that he needs to snoop around festival grounds and hand out beer (this is what his donors are paying for) in order to buy friends.

After two of my friends pleaded that I go with them to see Cantwell, I gave in and walked across, just to see what would happen. We both said, "Hey," and that was the end of that. With enough awkward silence gone, I told Chris, "My invitation is still open, we can sit down and talk anytime."

His response was priceless.

"I don't think we have anything to talk about. I'm waiting for you to wash out, pal! I got people... I get messages from people!" (This was a short lived tirade that started loud, but faded into a mumble about "messages" and "people".) After that embarrassment, Chris walked into a circle of people talking to let me know the conversation was over.

Later, the person who led me to Cantwell reported that he had returned and Cantwell was furious that he brought me over. Red faced and screaming, the guy was scolded for doing evil deeds. I don't know where Chris gets his childish anger from, but he's certainly falling apart at the seams... and it's a glorious show.

In one of my many conversations with a good friend who is a high-profile, internationally influential libertarian, (the conversation was private, thus the name will remain private), I was given a new perspective on Cantwell.

It was mentioned that Chris' own character (the asshole) has consumed the man. I think Chris has always been an asshole considering his past, but the point is taken. His blog has not always been in the shape it is now, with it's only audience being internet trolls.

From this unnamed libertarians perspective, Chris has already faded into nonexistence, and has been completely written off. For the most part, that's true. Chris Cantwell is irrelevant to the libertarian movement. However, to locals and a few minority groups, he's still a person of interest. Simply because he's a train wreck.

Today, we see the real life Cantwell spiraling out of control and into lunacy, just as his "character" has with the suggestions for violence against mailmen. It's only a matter of time before the character completely eats Chris up and he goes on a shooting spree at the local Postal Office.

Johnson in Cantwell's Cult

After viewing this article Garret Ean asked to sit down and have a chat about Cantwell. Garret wanted to talk about his reservations of Chris, and also offer some criticism of what I've said. Most notably, the third section here which is labeled as something not to be taken seriously. It contains truths, but is mixed with lies. Everything else, the first and second sections are true.

After talking about Chris' proven lies against me and his blatant fraud against Antonio Buehler, Johnson Rice responded to this video by saying that me lying about Chris Cantwell is fraud and a violation of the non-aggression principle. He said this in a post to a private group "Keeniacs," which has become a hotbed for junior high style drama, when posting this video.

I offered to talk to him in person, with mediation, so we could read one another's body language and eyes well enough to understand where one another is coming from. Johnson refused and once again reiterated that context doesn't matter, I'm "a fraud" and "violator of the NAP." After pounding it into his thick skull, Johnson finally realized that the "lie" was a joke, but still continued on his fraud claim.

This means that Johnson Rice thinks any and all jokes that are not truthful, even if they are clearly labeled as such, are a violation of the non-aggression principle. ...And other's fully agreed, even after the context was reiterated, explained, and shown beyond doubt.

I left the Keeniacs group not because of this incident, but because of its deteriorating state. The KAC is a private club in which it's members vote each other in and out on subjective whims. I witnessed a discussion of one member about whether he should be voted out and it was a slaughter on irrelevant, personal insecurities. This unhealthy behavior now dominates the Keeniacs Facebook group.

Johnson posted his video twice in less than 24 hours and continued to complain about it even after all context was given. His face was plastered with egg and he doubled down. Garrett's biggest claim about Cantwell is that there is cult like behavior with his friends. That people have changed under his influence, and from what I saw from a person like Johnson, I believe 100% that he's right.

Kicked Out of LibertyFest

After insulting LibertyFest NYC for years, and despite the organizers still allowing him to speak there, Chris Cantwell decided to complain about not getting a speaking engagement at LFNYC in 2014 and 2015.

One of the reasons Cantwell gives for the events "decline" is due to too many women having speaking engagements in 2013. Chris has never been shy of his racism and sexism and justifies his bigoted ways by calling anyone who isn't as hateful as he is, "social justice warriors."

"You can imagine what a miserable time an all female libertarian speaking engagement would be like, but financially it was a success. Thirsty libertarians who were not big on substance were all too happy to buy tickets, the female libertarians were all too happy to gain some recognition, and social justice warriors cheered the event as a breakthrough for gender equality. Thus began the decline of LFNYC."

Chris called the organizer, Ian Cioffi, a fraud for inviting him to speak and then cancelling him. Chris says that Ian is using Chris' name in order to sell tickets but then cancelling him. Chris' ego is pathetic, with all the events he's been kicked out of, no one really cares. In fact, the majority prefers that he doesn't show up. This is something I've picked up from talking to people in the NH area and at PorcFest.

Things are more peaceful when Chris isn't around. Many refuse to attend Keenevention because of his attendance. It's the same for a local social event, Social Sunday's. There are always complaints when people like Chris show up.

Ian Cioffi gives a much more reasonable, truthful account of why Chris was cancelled from LibertyFest. (That statement is no longer available.) Ultimately, it was Chris who refused to speak. Despite Ian's attempts to get him (why, I don't know) Chris threw a temper tantrum.

Cantwell refused to speak at LibertyFest because there were too many women speakers in 2013 and because Jeffrey Tucker refused to debate him in 2014. Chris is back to burning bridges over childish, dramatic bullshit.

Woe Is Me, I Get Kicked Out of Everything, And It's Never My Fault

After whining about getting kicked out of CopBlock, the Free State Project, LibertyFest, FreeTalkLive, the Men's Rights Movement, the Keene Activist Center, Anarchapulco, and not being allowed at other events because of his reputation, Chris Cantwell decided to call everyone sellouts.

Cantwell is a god awful writer with no audience and could do well with a few basic tips. So it's difficult to make it through an entire writing of his. If you made it through the linked article above, you'd be met with these gems at the end:

"On the one end of the spectrum, a libertarian will stand alone and accomplish nothing because he has excluded everyone who disagrees with him on anything. On the other, he compromises so greatly for the sake of inclusivity that he has no purpose to advance. The calculation of how close to either end of the spectrum one goes returns us to the topic of fitness for purpose."

Chris is a sociopath who doesn't understand when people tell him he's a fuck up. But he is willing to use people and take advantage of them when he's falling hard and needs a boost back up.

He's A Fascist Now

Not even kidding, Chris Cantwell, after getting himself kicked out of everything, has decided to become a fascist. To others, he said that his support for presidential candidate Donald Trump is an adoption of populism as a strategy for liberty. He got this idea, he says, from Murray Rothbard who wrote on the subject. The problem is, he's completely misinterpreted what populism is. Or has he?

In my analysis of libertarian populism, it became clear that if he knows what he's doing, then he must be using populism for the opposite. To bring libertarians into fascism. But I'm not a conspiracy theorist. What's more likely to me is he's actually that stupid.

There's A Reason You Don't Invite Cantwell

There's a reason Cantwell gets banned from all social events. He's one of the few, if only, to be banned from the KAC/SLAP (aka Ian Freeman's rented side of the house) and FreeTalkLive. And yet, he was invited to guest host on an episode of Anarchy After Dark with Johnson Rice (aka Skylar Green). Ian insists on having an infinite amount of patience for every asshole who did something once that he considers activism. I haven't listened to this show, Cantwell's voice is like nails on a chalkboard, and Skylar's naive and simple minded uses of "logic" are like a three old girl lecturing on why you should respect her as an elder. However, when Anarchy After Dark's creator, Cody O'Connor showed up to express a distaste for Cantwell's usual trash, it didn't end very well.

Everyone got drunk, Cantwell fairy slapped Cody, Cody toppled over. Of course, to Cantwell, this qualifies as "hitting the ground like a sack of bricks." Cantwell drinks heavily, and as you know from above, that usually results in anger, violence, harassment, and the endangerment of others. Whether you want to give him credit for "defending himself" (he wasn't, this is what's called 'escalation') or not, this kind of thing always happens when Cantwell shows up anywhere. There's a reason you don't invite him. A stable and in control person can A) recognize that it's a bad idea to argue with someone who can barely stand on his own, or B) not respond to a touch with a punch. Of course, Cantwell's troll, keyboard warrior audience will certainly praise dear fascist for how tough he is and talk a big game about how they would do the same. They, like Cantwell, are cowards and assholes who can't go through life without constantly picking fights and creating enemies.

Even The Racists Hate Him

(Update Oct. 13, 2016)

After he insulted, got kicked out of, and exited the libertarian community, his audience consisted of mostly trolls. After FreeTalkLive banned him, his audience started to shift towards alt-right racists. Christopher Cantwell's fascist shtick, which he desperately turned to after libertarians rejected him, is apparently drying up.

When Cantwell announced to his audience that his new girlfriend is half Puerto Rican, half-white, it caused a shit storm. According to Reddit user NESIRGNIK, fans started to cancel donations, dislike videos, and leave nasty comments regarding his girlfriend. On his October 10th video, he started to ban people out of the chat room in the middle of the show because of it.

What is so unbelievably hilarious is that these are his people. After desperately complaining about his lack of pussy for years, he finally got a girlfriend, publicized it, and his best audience; racist, loudmouth assholes, are leaving his fandom in disgust. During his meltdown, Cantwell said he wants to get rid of thousands of viewers because of the racist comments towards his girlfriend.

A Cantwell alt-right follower, eugenics supporter, and all around racist, left this analysis of the situation:

Reddit user Erebus_Black reports that Cantwell has disabled the chat for his show altogether.

Personally, I really love that this is happening. It's a wonderful, wonderful comedy. Cantwell is a perpetual, never ending train wreck, and I'm enjoying every minute of it.

A Betrayal of the 1st Irregulars

Shortly after Ian Freeman's home was raided by the FBI, Stop Free Keene started posting fliers smearing his image. As it turns out, these fliers originated from a group that until recently, called themselves fans of Cantwell. Cantwell's 1st Irregulars. In April during his show, Chris accused a member, Max Sand, of interfering with the ongoing FBI investigation. Max made it a point to call into the show and correct him on what was really going on with the fliers.

During the conversation, Chris says that he is now involved in the investigation and can't say how. According to some clues he has since left behind, it seems like law enforcement is investigating Chris based on what the FBI raid recovered.

In a later, unrelated event an ex-girlfriend of Cantwell, Kricket Silk left a message on the 1st Irregular's YouTube channel heavily criticizing Cantwell.

Unlike Cantwell, the Irregulars have a strict policy against deleting comments and banning users. But Cantwell demanded that they remove the comment from their channel. The Irregulars removed the comment, despite their reservations.

Later, during his breakdown shown in "Even the Racists Hate Him," Cantwell blames the Irregulars for the fact that people were making fun of his girlfriend in chat. The truth is, Max was only criticizing him for banning the people who were. In his rant, Chris said that he never gave the Irregulars permission to use his name. He even ordered that they 'rebrand' their channel. But the group has provided a video showing that Cantwell did approve of the group, and enjoyed the work they were doing.


It wasn't long after this that Cantwell doxxed Max Sand and called his wife a 'fat pig.' Cantwell's biggest fan base was betrayed and attacked over an emotional outburst. Chris is putting all blame onto one group, and primarily one person, as he always does. When the reality is, he's the one spiraling out of control, as he always does.

To make things worse. Chris stole his whole character from the Irregulars to begin with. The vocabulary he uses, his jokes, his style, his mannerisms. It's all the Irregulars. Chris is essentially throwing away his source of material because of a childish fit.

As with his Facebook page, most of Cantwell's YouTube subscribers are fake. With hundreds of people pulling donations, Chris is in a difficult position and he will most definitely double down on his own bad decisions.


To get the Irregulars full discussion of the Cantwell situation, check out these latest two episodes of their show; 'Let the Jimmies Rustle,' and 'Delete This Show.'

Beat My Girlfriend

(Update March 8, 2017)

Cantwell makes all his personal spats public on his blog. He likes to goad his wannabe tough guy audience into trolling, doxxing, and harassing anybody he has any issue with. He's made his problems with his girlfriend Kricket Slik public since the day they got together.

And considering how little respect Chris has for anyone's privacy, it's no surprise that he started publishing pieces of out of context private conversations between him and Kricket to his audience.

In a blog "warning" her "future boyfriend" he revealed that the only reason he was with Kricket is because he's a lonely 40-year-old with no kids and because he needed a sugar momma'.

This mixed with the fact that Chris has isolated himself for most of his life and made himself paranoid, it's no surprise this "relationship" would have issues. Chris was even ready to get married after he took Kricket to visit his parents, whom he DeFooed in 2014. (Daddy Molyneux would be ashamed, Chris.)

Describing the breakup, Cantwell wrote this confusing and ambiguous sentence.

For over a month, I've refused to engage with her, insisting that she had to pay the money she agreed to pay, because her words are quite meaningless if she refuses to honor her obligations.

He's refused to engage with Kricket, but he also demanded that she please donate pay him money. The terms of her being with him were that she would pay Chris' credit card and car loan debts. And according to Chris, even though they were breaking up, she was still obligated to pay. If not, he would continue to use his audience to harass her.

When he only got a $1,000 donation payment out of $24,000, he published out of context private emails, her private phone number, email address, and physical address. Which is nothing short of blackmail. A warning to Kricket's next boyfriend? How about a warning to all people dealing with Chris Cantwell?

The day after telling everyone that he blackmailed his girlfriend for $24,000 and doxxed her, he wrote a blog called, "How to Hit Your Girlfriend." This was the first time I've seen one of Chris' blogs behind a paywall. But the introduction shows that it's not only trying to justify Chris' own violent nature, but to pass that justification on to his most dedicated audience.

YouTube channel 'Behind the PayWall' published the audio companion for 'How to Hit Your Girlfriend' shortly after I published this update. You can listen to it below.

The audio is a clear case of a very damaged person taking advantage of a very damaged person. This is not the kind of relationship that needs to exist. The involvement of children in this relationship would be a dangerous and traumatic detriment to those children.

In the Radical Agenda podcast, Episode 269, he mentions that on more than one occasion, if Kricket didn't do what he told her to do, he was going to "tell her what time it is." This language that hints at the fact that there was physical abuse is strung through everything Chris has said about Kricket.

Chris can't give a clear reason as to why he was the victim here. Other than the fact that she aborted his baby and didn't want to be with him anymore. But Chris talks about how he believes in being physically dominant over women, and that a woman lying to a man is worse than physical violence.

Chris recounts Kricket's concerns over his abuse of drugs, alcohol, dietary supplements" (steroids), and his degrading mind. Yet, Chris still paints himself as the victim. We're only seeing Chris' side of the story, a biased side of the story, and he still looks like the shitbag in the relationship.

At one point in the podcast, Chris places blame on Stefan Molyneux. "And you know what?! Molyneux!?" Is what he yelled before telling the audience that he sent Molyneux an email about his relationship issues. Chris says he's mad because even though he's been "poorly behaved," and needed to talk about his issues, Molyneux didn't reply.

If after this, you're still looking at Kricket Slik as the one with problems, you're blind. Daddy Molyneux didn't save Chris so it's Molyneux's fault. Kricket didn't respond to commands, and didn't want a baby, so it's Kricket's fault. Chris is at the very least verbally abusive, if not physically. And nothing is his fault.

The way Chris talks about the situation mixed with his unhealthy forced laughs that increase in interval through his show point to someone who has become so insane, that he's obviously a danger to others.

The Penetration of the Gay Wall

(Update March 11, 2017)

After the 'How to Hit Your Girlfriend' audio went public (see above), Chris Cantwell immediately filed a DMCA takedown request on the YouTube channel, 'Behind the Paywall.' Just three days after he published it.

Cantwell has been tracking wherever the audio is posted in order to enforce his intellectual property rights, which he doesn't believe in. Once again following in the footsteps of Stefan Molyneux.

More Shit Behind the Gay Wall

Here's some more stuff I found on the internet somewhere. These files are available to anyone who pays for the GayWall. Users have syndicated them across the internet.

I Almost Committed a Hate Crime

Comtemplating Religion

Radical Relationship 1

The Mercy of the Other 3

The Mercy of the Other 4

Unless They're Stopped

Taste of His Own Medicine at Alt-Right Rally

(Update Aug. 13, 2017)

Cantwell was set to be a speaker at an alt-right rally over the weekend of Aug. 11, 2017. Before the event could even get started, three people were dead. When counter protestors showed up to show their distaste for the racist and increasingly threatening, violent rhetoric of the alt-right one rally goer plowed his car into counter-protestors. You can read more about this horrid story at Politico.

For a long time, Cantwell has been testing the waters with what he can get away with. First he says, "I know its controversial, but theoretically killing police and mailmen is morally justifiable." Then he claims that when someone kills police, it's a benefit to society. He's been gradually increasing the volume of his dog whistle to try to incite violence wherever he can.

Then he makes friends with police after they save his sorry ass and directs his violent nature towards leftists instead. When libertarians rejected his ignorant, backwards ways of thinking, he found a new home within fascist and alt-right groups. That's why he readily took the opportunity to participate in the "front lines" of the violence to make himself look like a badass.

That is, until he got a taste of it himself.

Cantwell thinks himself a warrior for the white right. But he's just violent scum looking for an excuse. Lower than the most extreme leftists. Lower than the most corrupt government officials.

The Southern Poverty Law Center recently dug deep into his criminal history and developed a well-written profile on him. Much better than you'll find here. I'm not willing to dedicate serious time to this guy. But the more information there is about Cantwell, his history, his repeating and increasing violence, the more good people we can push him away from. Away from the innocent and towards prison where he belongs.

After the riots, Cantwell released the video below that could place him as the blame or a top influencer in causing the violence. But we'll go through the whole thing before getting to that.

From the start, Chris tries to make himself the victim. He claims that the sight of counter protesters puts him in fear of his safety. A bit of aggressive yelling, the same thing he does to others back towards him, and it causes him fear and puts him on the defense. (Hmm.) His response to this is to yell back and escalate the situation. He then says that he "truly believes" that these people wanted to be martyrs. That they were "outnumbered." Right from the beginning, he's fishing for excuses for the violence. Some way to put the blame on the other groups. The later parts of the video show why.

Throughout the whole video, Cantwell uses fake military lingo which he undoubtedly picked up from a few war flicks. He calls anyone with an ideological difference an "enemy" and that "they" are "infiltrating" his group. Sociologists call this "loading the language." It's common among cults and brainwashers. Groups develop an insider language that helps them establish anyone who doesn't use that language as "the other." It helps groups to isolate themselves from the rest of the world and develop an ever expanding hatred for anyone who doesn't belong to that group.

In reference to the picture in which Cantwell is macing someone, he claims that anyone with "combat training" will recognize that the person is in a combat stance. And that person was walking towards Chris, therefore Chris was in danger. But both groups had approached one another. If we're going to judge the situation by the picture, it looks like Chris stepped away from his group, closer to the other and then backed up to spray someone who took a defensive stance.

According to Chris, it was after this picture that the fighting started. Meaning, based on Chris' story alone, he may have caused the violence that led to three deaths.

In the video, Chris constantly reminds everyone that he "tried" to obey the law. Someone had told him that there is now a warrant for his arrest for a Class 6 Felony. (Inciting violence would fall under this category.) This video is acting as a public statement to the police because Chris is too afraid, and maybe too full of guilt to just go talk to them and figure it out.

By the end of the video you can see Chris start to cry and then try to twist his mouth up and do his fake accent. Riddled with guilt and fear, he tries to escape back into his character as he has always done. To place the blame of what he's done on a fictional, for entertainment character that isn't him. It seems that he is only now realizing that his shit talking on the internet has real world consequences. That the concept of free speech doesn't protect him from reality.

With libertarians, Cantwell dealt with a passive and peaceful audience that has a high percentage of aspergers. Now that he's joined the real world of extremism, he's out of his league and scared out of his mind. He says that if anyone knows of a better way to do this (activism), he's willing to listen.

The better ways are what I've been writing about for years. What I've been helping and supporting people with for a very long time. It's one of my specialties. I have a major project coming in the future, I hope within a year from now, that covers this subject. Believe me, Cantwell isn't interested in anything but violence.

Chris says that if he was a violent person, we would have heard about it by now. We have. He says that if he wanted violence, it wouldn't be difficult for him to find it. He has, many times.

At the end of the day Cantwell pissed his pants and soon he'll be back in Keene behind a comfortable desk. Back to inciting the violence without having to take part. Back to calling himself "just an entertainer" from the comfort of his keyboard.

(Update Aug. 16, 2017)

An interview with Vice showed Cantwell to be more of the weak, coward that he is. He thinks that buying guns and going to the gym makes him "more capable" of violence. He can't keep his character straight and his inconsistent acting makes him look like a moron. He can't justify his racist attitudes without avoiding questions to focus on redefining what the interviewer asked. The video below is a pathetic display on the part of Chris, but a good job done on the part of Elle Reeve. (The full interview can be found here.)

(Update Aug. 26, 2017)

Cantwell recently fulfilled his promise to turn himself in to the police after Chalottesville. He is facing two felony counts of using tear gas and one felony count of causing malicious bodily injury with a caustic substance. He has been denied bail and his preliminary hearing is set for Oct. 12, 2017.

Service Not Available

(Update Feb. 14, 2018)

After his embarrasment at Charlottesville and the amazing reporting done by Vice, companies are shutting out Cantwell. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, MailChimp, Twitter, BluBrry, PayPal, OkCupid, Tinder, Venmo, MakerSupport, Amazon Payment, and Stripe. His alternative sources such as Rootbocks, GoyFundMe, BackTheRight and Hatreon have all been shut down.

GoDaddy and Tor have both banned The Daily Stormer. Considering that Cantwell uses GoDaddy... well I'm just hoping for a similar outcome there.

As of Feb. 14, 2018 Cantwell list the additonal following services that has banned him: MakerSupport, Amazon Payments,, Stripe

He's Come Back for the Jews

(Update Dec. 10, 2017)

Cantwell was released from jail on a $25,000 bond. He will have to stay in Virginia and wear an ankle bracelet until his hearing. He was originally denied bail because of his violent tendacies. Not only because of his threats and aggressive actions during the Charlottesville riots, but because of his past of attacking people and putting those around him in danger. (See above.)

But today, he is out, and to the detriment of mankind, ready to attack entire religions and races for no reason.

This will be the worst thing that ever happened to Jews, and just like every other time they have earned the anger of the people they parasite from, they will be the ones who make it happen. -No Jail Can Hold Me

I found the title of that blog post especially entertaining because he's talking about a jail that was literally just holding him...

In another post in which he addresses his new title, 'Crying Nazi,' Cantwell whines about how he got attacked after he attacked other people. And claims,

I was assaulted repeatedly and had my civil rights violated for little reason other than the color of my skin, and now I had bogus felony charges being pressed against me. -About The Crying Nazi Nonsense

Despite his blaming everything on the Jews, thinking the "white race" is in danger from minorities, and using actual NAZI slogans, he later claims he's not a NAZI. ....Because he never SAID he was one.

Chris Cantwell is a Cop, and a Liar, and his Vagina Stinks.

Alright, let's get real for a second. Maybe you like cops named Christopher Cantwell. I mean, after all, look at this guy. He's either an awesome superhero, or a sexy stud. Depending on your perspective.

Childish Dating Profile

Of course, for those of you who'd like to date Cantwell (and who doesn't) he's available on OKCupid. (Archived link.) According to his vague, 'I'm the shit', profile, he will most definitely change your beliefs and fuck you. Not necessarily in that order.

For a grown adult who "communicates for a living," you might expect more than someone saying, "I take a great deal of pride in my ability to make a woman happy. It's a thing I think of as being very important, ..." Sure, it sounds like that was written by a 12-year-old "romantic" who just read Romeo and Juliet for the first time. To some of you, much of that profile reads like "white knighting."

Don't despair. At least he's smart. Chris is an "information sponge" and he knows a lot about doorknobs! Look, in the quote below, he almost used the word 'data' in its always plural form correctly. (He only missed it by a few words and got the context entirely wrong.)

"I compile data in my head and I organize it into what are in my mind,"

In case you didn't notice, that should be, "I compile data in my head and I organize them into what is in my mind." But that's nitpicking, he's a professional writer/information sponge and he's allowed to make mistakes!

Emotionally Incapable of Connection

When asked about what people first noticed about him, he gets a little stand offish and blames first impressions on his shitty internet presence. He's not like that in real life! Trust me! I met him, and he refuses to talk to me about his problems with me... OK, dating the guy might be emotional suicide. Have one little tiff and he'll DeFoo you or ban you from his life. As Chris states, "...because I hate having shitty people in my life."

Blew a Load While Writing His Own Profile

In fact, as the questions continue, Cantwell gets frustrated and starts giving half-assed sarcastic answers.

"I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why I even bother anymore.
The most private thing I'm willing to admit
The most private thing I'm willing to post publicly for all to see? That doesn't sound very private at all. Who came up with this question?"

His profile went from "I'm awesome; and a horny white knight," to, "This is dumb, filling out ten questions is hard. Why haven't I gotten laid yet?" He probably stopped trying as soon as he finished jacking off to his own profile.

But That Vagina Stank Though

So, um, alright. But at least he's hot right?

Oh god. You can almost see the stench coming from his vagina. I heard when Chris was trying to figure out what people's first impressions are of him, he took a sniff of what's between his own legs.

I Am In Desperate Need of Money

At Least he makes $50k-$60k/year, as all Keene Patrol Officers do. That should go well with the gold diggers.

Nevermind, he's lying. He can barely pay his rent because he's a jobless, talentless, drunk, lazy criminal with a shit reputation.