'Happiness is the absence of the striving for happiness.' -Chuang-Tzu

Taking a Casual Approach to Information

by Ethan Glover, Mon, Aug 03, 2015 - (Edited) Wed, Nov 11, 2015

I've been working on being more efficient by building better habits. With a daily to-do list I'd like to get more done and do more productive things.

For instance, on a daily basis I'm looking to read, write, work with Khan Academy, clean something, and workout. You know, healthy adult things.

This is all opposed to things like browsing Facebook and flipping through news I never read.

In my most recent move to form healthier habits, I deleted most of my RSS feeds. This includes ~20 SEO and marketing news sources like SERountable, MOZ, and Search Engine Watch.

I realized that  despite my interest in digital marketing, I'm pulling updates from way too many sources. When I log on to Feedly and see 100 or more updates, my brain goes haywire.

I know for a fact it's too much so I spend a lot of time deleting items to filter out the good stuff. The even bigger problem is that I only skim the stuff I'm interested in; because at that point, I'm just trying to power through it all.

So instead of falling into a FOMO to Information Overload trap that results in missing out on everything, and wasting time that could be more productive; I've opted to try a different strategy.

With no RSS notifications that aren't absolute priority, I can concentrate on my daily to-do list. For news, I can use an app I found called SmartNews. It allows me to browse a small number of stories based on what my friends have shared. It's a less time consuming, more casual way to keep up to date.

Most of the people I follow on Twitter are marketers, so the apps aggregation can allow me to keep up with the industry. Without the fear of missing out on  anything important.

We'll see how it goes, sometimes these things don't work out, but here's to hope.