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Discovering Bigfoot - Debunked

by Ethan Glover, Sun, Feb 04, 2018 - (Edited) Sun, Feb 04, 2018

Discovering Bigfoot, written, directed AND produced by Todd Standing is one of the cringe worthy delights of 2017. Only surpassed by Tommy Wiesau's 2003 'The Room.'

A large portion of the movie is Todd running and jumping around in the woods in ridiculous staged action shots. All while he narrates over himself about how he is especially adapted to hunt bigfoot. He lists the huge number of skills he's acquired somewhere between 20-30 years (it changes a lot) that makes him perfect for this job.

He's had little or no exposure to human civilization (he's not sure which), he's a student of many disciplines. Trained in tracking by a Cree Nations Elder and a military sniper. His skillsets include camoflauge techniques using the terrain and its features to mask ground movement, obstacle crossing, camping positions, effective observation, camoflauge penetration, counter surveillance, survival, evasion and escape techniques.

When he's not talking about himself, you get to see Todd jumping at noises in the woods in the middle of the night. Sometimes accompanied by growling noises edited in after the fact. One of the videos features audio of what sounds like wind moving through a cave. Echoing and whistling as if he got stock audio from a horror movie archive.

In one tense moment, as he's reacting to some of these fake sounds, he jolts the camera so that he can hide a cut. He uses the editing technique to make it look as if a small tree fell on him. He says a bigfoot threw an 80lb tree trunk at him. But he easily throws the small log off himself with the flick of an arm and gets back up unharmed.

He also shows old videos he's taken of bigfoot during the day. The videos just show the usual masks, costumes and makeup. The bigfoot are only ever walking or standing. There is one video in which you see a hairy costume arm take some apples from a log. But despite having seen it all, Todd has no video of these bigfoot eating, hunting, interacting with their environment, scratching or making any nose. Despite the close ups, he doesn't even have a video of a bigfoot making a facial expression. Yet, he's seen bigfoot snap trees with their bare hands many times. He never even bothers to plant a remote camera to observe the apples he puts down.

It's not as if he doesn't know where they'll be. Throughout this movie he shows aerial shots of the mountains, or maps of the terrain. On those shots he draws ridiculous walking paths of bigfoot, or puts dots to show where they're at. But he never actually goes to the places he says the bigfoot are coming from. He always approaches the furthest they go out (according to his own maps) and stays there. So he has zero frame of reference as to whether these paths are real or not. He's making it up as he goes.

And then there's the structures. Todd Standing shows off these structures alledgedly built by bigfoot to two scientists. Trees broken out of the ground and leaned against others to form a tipi shape. He talks about how hard it would be to break these trees and put them together like this.

First, the structures are easily buildable by 1-2 people and a rope. These are small trees. In the area where the bigfoot supposedly built structures, there are broken trees all over the gorund already. They're small enough to drag around and lean up. A rope and the help of one other person can build them in 15 minutes.

Second, through the movie Todd showed off "tree breaks." Where trees had breaks about 8 foot hight. A normal, healthy man could climb up and use his hands and feet to bend and break them in that way. One of the scientists that followed Standing around, Bindernagel, who is close to 80 years old, was able to push on one and break it at the root.

On that note, let's talk about these "scientists." These two guys, who accompany Todd Standing for a few days are supposed to be the objective confirmation of bigfoots existence. Todd claims to have convinced both of them of bigfoot on this journey. Jeff Meldrum has been critical of some bigfoot hunters, but he was a believer long before he tagged along with Standing. He still believes in the Patterson Film after all. Which features a gorilla costume possibly made by Philip Morris.

The sighting of bigfoot Jeff Meldrum makes in Discovering Bigfoot is just a silouette in the dark, which is hardly evidence of anything other than a person walking around in the dark.

As for John Bindernagel, he's been actively looking for evidence of bigfoot since 1963. John has a long history of appearing in bigfoot films and needs no convincing of their evidence.

For Todd Standing, Jeff Meldrum and John Bindernagel, their careers depend on bigfoot existing. They know there will never be any real evidence so they depend on the pathetic fakery as shown in this movie. As host, Todd follows the scientists around telling them what to notice (like a kid showing off this toys) and what to say through leading questions. Neither of them are skeptics looking for proof. Both, like Todd, just want some goofy planted footprints and logs to keep this money train going.

On another interesting note Todd Standing apparently stole his "research" area from another bigfooter and claimed the 'discoveries" as his own. As told by Aaron Arcand (the original discoverer of the site), and Dave of Sasquatch Voice. Daniel Falconer and Phil Poling put out a ridiculous and excessively long PDF disproving Todd's videos (as if it weren't obvious enough). And Tobias Wayland has noted that Todd is using copyright claims to take down videos that criticize his own.