'With no hostile nations on its borders, no hostile entities capable of bringing mass invasion to its shores, and an economy without peer, the American margin for error is absolutely massive. Only the United States could engage in a war as dubious as Iraq or roll out a social policy as byzantine as Obamacare and walk away largely unscathed.' -Peter Zeihan, The Accidental Superpower

Things John Mueller Said

by Ethan Glover, Sat, Dec 23, 2017 - (Edited) Wed, Jan 10, 2018

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Does X affect SEO?

Having multiple 404 errors on a website won't harm your SEO. [5]

Having multiple H1 tags on a single page does not affect SEO. [6]

Referencing high-quality sites does not influence how Google judges your content. Quality links are only taken into consideration within the context of everything else as a whole. [5]

The use of a subdomain vs subfolder does not affect the SEO of a website. [1]

Previous manual actions do not affect current SEO. However, there is no guarantee that your site will got back to the exact spot it was before, rankings are always changing. [2][5]

Google does look at keywords in URL's. But it's such a small factor that is won't have a visible effect. Mueller recommends using clean URL's for the sake of users. [4]

If you use the wrong code for structured data markup, Google will ignore it. [5]

The location of content on a page can determine how much importance Google gives it. [5]

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If you're seeing a lot of fluctuations in keyword positions on Google, this could mean Googlebot is having trouble deciding between you and a competitor. Improving site quality will help your SERPs stabilize over your competitors. [4]

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Search console views subdomains as separate properties.. You need to verify and track their performance separately. [1]

Google does not use crawl-delay in your robots file. They look at server errors and speed to automatically make that determination. [3]

You can canonicalize top-level URLs. If you have an article series and want to canonicalize the first page. In that case, other pages will not be indexed. [4]

The canonical tag should not point to various languages. This will cause the canonicalized landscape to be the only page that gets indexed. Instead, use the hreflang tag. [5]

Directory sites are not considered doorway pages. Doorway pages are multiple pages or URLs pointing to the same content. [5]

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