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Ten Cool Sites #14

by Ethan Glover, Sun, Nov 19, 2017 - (Edited) Sun, Feb 25, 2018

Ten cool websites that I will add to the Liberty Resource Directory.

  1. Canva - This is an incredible tool for creating images. You can use presets to match sizes for social media posts, cover photos, etc. As well as find a lot of great stock images.
  2. Chef Watson - Use IBM's supercomputer to put in ingredients you have in your kitchen to get back recipes you can make with them.
  3. Gfycat - Yes, your phone keyboard and messenger apps all have their own built in GIF search tools now. But until you can bring your GIF's everywhere (EVERYWHERE!) this site is here for you.
  4. Lifestyle - A very simple and easy to use real-time editor for CSS, LESS, and SCSS.
  5. Memorizer - If you're looking to memorize a bit of text. A speech, lyrics, a poem, whatever it is. This is the best place to go to practice.
  6. Ngram Viewer - Search through Google Books to compare multiple terms and how often they've appeared in books over time.
  7. On Increasing Immigration - A talk by Steve Gerben on immigration and why it's a good thing for everybody.
  8. Song Link - Need to share a song to a lot of people? They don't all use the same music service. This site is a quick way to get all available services into one link.
  9. Turo - Formerly relay rides, this is a service that allows you to either rent cars from individuals at a lower cost than retail, or rent out your own vehicles for some extra cash.
  10. YouTube Thumbmail Grabber - A tool provided by BoingBoing to get thumbnail images from YouTube videos.

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