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I'm Writing a Book (Maybe)

by Ethan Glover, Sun, Aug 27, 2017 - (Edited) Sun, Aug 27, 2017

Originally published on WA.

In a recent video from Stone Temple Consulting, Eric Enge and Mark Traphagen brought up the concept of keyword cannibalization. The basic theory is that if you write about the same subject over and over with multiple articles, you're competing against yourself in SEO. It's likely that Google will only reference one. Therefore, it is often better to keep a constantly updated and refined page than to rewrite on the same content.

With this idea in mind, I decided to start looking at some of the things I've written in the past. What I found was 30-40,000 words written on the subject of persuasion and creating and maintaining beneficial conversation on political, ethical and philosophical matters.

So I created a mind map of all the concepts and ideas I had put together over the course of a few years and found a huge list of ideas that tie nicely together into one overarching theme.

I starting writing on each concept, going back to the archives reusing and modifying old content. I'm about 6% of the way through and I'm realizing that as I rewrite and expand on old ideas, the content is getting even longer and bigger.

This little experiment that started with playing with the idea of keyword cannibalization has got me thinking that it may be better to just write a book than a long article post. Why not right? Amazon apparently makes it easy to self-publish. It doesn't really matter if it sells or not. If it doesn't, the results are basically the same as putting it online.

I don't think of myself as an author, never have. But this growing project has got me thinking that putting together a book might not be so difficult. I've essentially already written it.

If you've already been writing for a few years. Take a look back into your archive. Do you have a lot of things that relate to one another? Do they expand on and complement each other? Consider getting rid of those old posts and replacing it with one bigger source. You may even realize that you could try entering the world of book authoring.