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Deportation, Reeducation, Monopolized Press

by Ethan Glover, Sat, Jan 28, 2017 - (Edited) Wed, Jan 10, 2018

Every once in awhile you come across someone so unbelievable, you have to share. I make an attempt to understand people who don't believe as I do. I try to prove my own beliefs wrong as often as I can. Usually, that means just letting the other person talk. And asking questions where I get confused. And sometimes when I do that, I get a lot of interesting stuff thrown back at me.

Enter Jeff M. Giles. A Trump supporter who used a simple joke to go off on a rant about illegal aliens in the United States and the coming economic collapse. The conversation that followed, which you can find in its entirety below, had me on the edge of my seat. I can't help but wonder where these people come from, and what makes them so small minded.

According to Jeff, there is an economic collapse coming. There will be people killing each other for food. Hordes of zombies. Everyone will have to live in FEMA camps. And people will be mowed down by automatic weapons. What will save us from this comic book written by a twelve-year-old boy? Donald John Trump. Trump is going to beef up the military and police. He's going to start deporting anyone that doesn't agree with him. And he's going to take over the media, monopolize it, and bring free press back to the people.

Think I'm joking? I'm describing the conversation literally. The proof is below. But for fun, let's dive into looking at Jeff's beliefs subject by subject.


According to Jeff, if we're going to survive the economic collapse and "clean up the streets and provide jobs," we're going to need to start deporting undocumented Mexicans and all Muslims. Yes, all of the Muslims. But we'll get to that.


In terms of "illegals," Jeff calls them all "thugs." He claims that deporting them will decrease crime. But when confronted with the idea that illegal aliens commit less crime per capita than native-born people in the United States, he provides a simple answer. Natives can go to jail, but they're not the problem, illegal immigrants are. Meaning, the fact that United States citizens are committing crimes isn't an issue. The fact that Mexicans are living here is.

You might think, "Maybe Jeff just wants to deport undocumented criminals because you can't jail them." But that's not where Jeff draws the line. He wants to stop immigrants from "pouring" in, but has a qualification to allow current residents to stay. While he calls all "illegals" "thugs," he thinks they should stay so long as they have a full-time job.

Oh, you thought the crime was his issue? No, he just likes to call people from other countries "thugs." Jeff says that "Mexicans are good" but they shouldn't be here undocumented. He hopes that most of them stay because they're hard workers. And if they work, they can remain on welfare. (On welfare for natural born citizens, he said they can either work or starve.)

This deportation thing was supposed to "clean up the streets and provide jobs," right? That's what I thought too. But Jeff doesn't care if anyone commits a crime as long as they're working. And when asked about immigrants taking full-time jobs that an American could do, he says he's not sure about Americans stealing the jobs of immigrants.

So obviously, this whole deportation thing isn't about "cleaning streets up", or "providing jobs." When I asked him about details of actual policy and the results of that policy, Jeff felt the need to backtrack and change the subject. It becomes clear that he is more interested in stringing together sentences that use the words "illegals," "provide jobs," and "economic collapse," than the actual context of what he's saying. He has no clue what he's saying, it seems he just likes to say it.


According to Jeff Giles and his infinite wisdom on Islam, there are two keywords that should concern us. Taqiya, which successfully commands all Muslims to be two-faced. And abrogation, which successfully commands them to be violent. Taqiya is a recent concept which says that it is OK for a Muslim to deny their religion if they feel their life is in danger. It's a form of protection under tyranny. Also, common sense. Abrogation is a common legal term meaning, to repeal a law. How either of these is supposed to produce the effect Jeff describes is a mystery to me as well.

Either way, Jeff says that Muslims are more likely to be violent because their religion makes them violent. It's a clear fact that Muslim countries have less violent crime than others, but that didn't stop Jeff. He says there's no such thing as a peaceful Muslim. And if they are peaceful, they're not a real Muslim. You see, Jeff is an expert on what is and isn't a Muslim. I was tempted to ask him if he'd be willing to tell a Muslim to their face, that they're practicing their religion wrong because they're not attacking anyone. But my interest was in keeping Jeff talking because the man is a gold mine.

Still, the fact that Muslims aren't violent, stuck with him a little bit. Because after saying that peaceful Muslims aren't real Muslims, he said he recognizes that most Muslims are harmless. But if they promote Islam, they're still dangerous and should be deported. Or if they're citizens, put in jail. In fact, he expands, it doesn't matter at all if Muslims are violent or not. They should all just be deported. And the US population of Muslims should be kept under 2% so that they remain harmless.

It's OK though. He says he doesn't hate Muslims, he hates their religion... and the violent ones. So that makes his ignorance and bigotry OK.


Through the whole 3+ hour conversation, I believe I tried 3-4 times to ask Jeff where he gets his information. The only thing I got was that he gets his information from himself, and from observation. It's obvious he's making this bullshit up, but I was more interested in what sources he's inspired by. In an attempt to work around his dodging the question about sources, I asked if he could choose two public figures to teach at a re-education camp, who would he choose. Still no answer. Oh yeah, he wants to send people to re-education camps. Let's get into the details.

Who gets sent to re-education camps? Muslims citizens of the US, Muslim apologists, leftists, anyone promoting Islam, anarchists, and the alt-right. What? You thought this guy was alt-right? Nope, he calls them traitors to the constitution.

What gets taught at re-education camps? "...the realities of the world. ...things that schools intentionally kept from them. ...the truth about all religion. ...all the 'isms' that attempt to bring down our Republic. ...the true history of the world and what the real statistics that are kept from us." Jeff says that these camps should also teach people the truth about Islam, the NWO, the banking system, the infiltration of their ideologies, and statistics that show cops aren't racist. (That last one is the perfect punchline to a great joke.)

But to prove his point he started copy/pasting a bunch of information about black people committing a disproportionate amount of crime. The theories as to why this happens, are varied. But Jeff, who is more enlightened than us all, says it's because 'we' allowed 'them' to segregate. Meaning, because black people live in black neighborhoods, they commit more crime. I asked him if he thinks the issue is genetic and he acted like he was offended. Jeff says it's not a genetic issue, blacks are just "prone to violence."

Within this conversation, I asked Jeff where he learned all of these things that are being kept from people. (Another attempt to figure out his influences.) He asked me to be specific, I said history. His response? "...can we ever know what the true history of the world is?" No, really. That was his answer. He says that people should be taught all possibilities and theories. Except, you know, only the ones he agrees with.

Donald Trump

After all the talk of re-education camps, Jeff says it's ideal that they won't be needed. And they won't be needed because Trump is going to take over the media. Specifically, TV news. (You know, the thing no one watches.) He says that if Trump takes over the media, people will leave Islam "naturally." (Actual word used.)

Jeff complains that the media is currently controlled by the NWO banking oligarch. But when Trump takes it over, and when enough people watch it, the "truth" will spread. When Trump takes over TV, that means the people will once again have control and from then on TV should always be pro-America. Which is, of course, synonymous with pro-Trump.

No, Jeff isn't against free speech, he's for it. When asked if free press means pro-Trump press, he said "absofuckinglutely." Besides, Trump is pro-America, so why wouldn't everyone be pro-Trump? Jeff says that through this TV takeover when people learn that this is the greatest country on earth, they'll avoid any TV station that is anti-Trump.

This guy has all the fucking answers, right?

Full Context

I had a lot of fun talking to this guy. I couldn't ask for a better Saturday. I sometimes forget that idiots like this exist. It's always best to make an effort to see the intelligence and reason in other people. Try to learn something from everyone. But sometimes you come across piles of shit like this. A little treat of humor.