'It is so disagreeable to think ill of ourselves, that we often purposely turn away our view from those circumstances which might render that judgment unfavorable.' -Adam Smith, Theory Moral Sentiments

Ten Cool Sites #13

by Ethan Glover, Fri, Oct 23, 2015 - (Edited) Sun, Nov 19, 2017

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Back from the dead, I bring you the thirteenth edition of Ten Cool Sites. A series that brings you the cool sites I've come across, and that I'll be adding to the Liberty Resource Directory.

  1. (No Longer Available) - Because sometimes simple emoticons just aren't enough. This site lists hundreds of emoticons that can be copy pasted into your browser. It features categorized emotes in Unicode, and more made specifically for Twitch, Skype, Facebook, and Twitter.
  2. Fitness Blender - Workout videos. For actual free. Where else are you going to get that besides random, incomplete videos on YouTube? This is a great searchable website that makes finding the exact kind of workout you're looking for easily.
  3. Free Sound - It's hard enough to find the right sounds for media projects. The thought of being sued for using the wrong one makes it worse. This site offers an easy way to find free sounds with no strings attached.
  4. Holy Crop - A now five part series on how the government is not only making the drought in the west worse, but how they're financing it and incentivizing it. The level of detail and dive into different stories is fascinating. This series, once completed, would make a great book.
  5. .htacess Tools - I've shown previously how powerful and important an HTACESS file is for any website. I've even used it to redirect anyone coming to my site from Chris Cantwell's to my post on him. This site makes coding the HTACCESS file simple. Just use the tools to tell it what you want to do and it generates the code for you in copy/pastable form.
  6. I Need a Resume - Writing a resume is a serious pain. Formatting the thing in a readable way to be printed or to be sent in .docx form can be difficult. This site makes it a simple process of filling out the information you need to put on your resume and generating the proper format.
  7. Learn ChemE - So you say you're a "lifelong learner" that loves learning about "everything." Well... do you even chemical engineer bro? Presented by the University of Colorado, this site will give you hundreds of videos and simulations to learn the science.
  8. Dollars for Docs - Your doctor is being paid by the pharmaceutical industry! Or at least... he might. ProPublica has put together this resource to help you find out who's paying your doctor to prescribe pills.
  9. Typo Hound - You can often get great deals on items on eBay thanks to nimrods who don't use spellcheck. This site helps you find the misspelled items that no one else is finding. This helps you to avoid the crowd of bidders that can drive up the price.
  10. Varvy - Easily one of my favorite sites. Beautifully put together by Patric Sexton, this site serves as a tool to make sure your website is bot friendly. It's a quick and simple way to know if your site is easily readable and indexable by search engines, therefore helping potential traffic to your site.