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Points For and Against Drug Legalization

by Ethan Glover, Tue, Jan 06, 2015 - (Edited) Sat, Dec 30, 2017

Intelligence Squared recently held a debate in Chile on the subject of drug legalization. South America is the largest producer of cocaine. The thing I love about Intelligence Squared is that points on both sides are always worth listening to.

Most debates online are one-sided. Or at least, I have a hard time seeing both points of view. Bias overrules arguments made by the side I disagree with. But, IQ2 works so well that I always walk away with a better understanding of the other position.

This particular debate is shorter than usual for IQ2, but it's still almost 50 minutes long. I recommend the whole thing. But, the opening statements by each panelist provides a good minimum to get the gist.

I should note that under normal IQ2 rules, the Against side would have won the debate. It is who wins the most votes from beginning to end that wins. Not who has a majority in the end. It is also uncommon for a side to lose votes as the For side did. Still, give it a watch below.

The table below shows my notes on the debate. It's a short summary of the points made. If I missed anything or worded anything wrong please let me know.

I've also provided sources for what I could find, and marked anything in red that, according to what I've found, is wrong. When dealing with an issue on  worldwide basis, as this debate did, it's difficult to be accurate. Bear that in mind and don't immediately condemn any contradicting statistics. Chances are, things are different in different countries.


I won't be providing my personal thoughts on this yet. I think the sources speak for themselves. If you found this resource valuable, please like and share.