'I knew enough-which was almost nothing, but still enough-to suspect that Plato was so popular and enduring because he was the most obvious proto-Christian among the swarm of pagan philosophers.' -Barbara Ehrenreich, Living with a Wild God

Movie Night: The Man from Earth

by Ethan Glover, Wed, Jul 15, 2015 - (Edited) Wed, Oct 19, 2016

We have a movie night every Tuesday here at PorcManor and I rarely get to enjoy them. So it's always a pleasure to get to do so. Tonight's movie was "The Man from Earth." A story about a man who stopped aging at 35 and has lived for 14,000 years.

The plot consists of him telling his story to a room of professors. He himself had been a professor for the last 10 years. But because his situation, he has to move on every 10 years to avoid suspicion.

The professors in this movie try to disprove his claims through their respective knowledge. History, archaeology, biology, psychiatry, and even religion. But they can't.

This leads to a rising anger and the demand that John, the 14,000-year-old man, stop his claims. And admit it's made up. That's what happens. John backs down and says he was lying the whole time. It's all just a reaction to their suspicion of him leaving.

The professors accept this explanation. Despite John's consistent story, ten doctorate degrees, and his possession of a never before seen original Van Gogh painting.

When John admitted to being Jesus and explained that the Bible is a mystified version of a simple story, it was too much. The professors coerced him into taking the truth back and they made him out to be a liar. Despite all evidence to the contrary.

There are a lot of trains of thought one could take in review of this movie. I had more than a few in this one watching. But for the purposes of this blog, my mind has gone to some recent drama.

I've put together a resource on a terrible person by the name of Chris Cantwell. When I said I "lied" in the third section, titled "Chris Cantwell is a cop, and a liar and his vagina stinks," Johnson Rice called this fraud.

It's funny where the mind will go when confronted with a hard truth. I could point to politics and talk about how people react to the fact that the government is nothing more than a violent gang. But I think people sort of know that, even if they don't care to admit it.

What causes the painful, angry reactions in people is when a hard truth relates to a love or passion. The professors in "The Man from Earth" have a passion for knowledge. One of them has an unbending love of for God.

In this movie, they're confronted by a man who is piecing together old memories with difficulty. John is showing them that no matter how curious you are, or how much time you have, you'll never be able to know it all. The mind is not consistent enough to be able to recall all information given to it.

In the case of religion, he's looking into a believer's eyes and telling her that there was nothing mystical about what happened to him. As Jesus, people misinterpreted his teachings.

To those of you ahead of me on where I'm going with this, don't get me wrong. Chris Cantwell is a hated man and he is not worshiped or even misinterpreted. That's not where I'm drawing the line.

I'm drawing the line at the reaction. After I told him more than five times in the same conversation, Johnson finally recognized that I had been pointing out exactly where the lie about Chris Cantwell was.

After he took this in, he took a minute to respond, processing the information. Until finally he responded by calling it "bullshit." Cantwell is someone Johnson interprets as a friend. Despite Chris' sociopathic history and nature. So he refuses to see the reality right in front of him.

Johnson moved his goal posts and got more specific. He started to claim that I lied by calling Chris a rapist. I never did, a source told me that he got arrested for rape. This is the claim I take the least serious. I couldn't care less about the state's interpretation of the situation.

This is why Chris chose to respond to the rape situation as being nonsense. He could then wave everything else off as, "I was once a bad guy." A strategic move.

He still is. Chris has stolen money, put people in jail on false accusations, and to this day he continues unambiguous fraud against others. Without apology.

I hate that this is what's on my mind after watching a great movie such as this. But to see an angry reaction to something that someone doesn't understand in real life, and then in a movie, is interesting to me.

Johnson admitted many times that he hadn't read my article on Cantwell. And he refused to do so claiming, "context literally doesn't matter," and that 'fraud' and 'lie' is the same thing.

Just as the characters in this movie refused to see the evidence right in front of them, in favor of being able to relax their minds, and not have to deal with the reality that's right in front of them.