'Character is something you forge for yourself; temperament is something you are born with and can only slightly modify. Some people have easy temperaments and weak characters; others have difficult temperaments and strong characters.
We are all prone to confuse the two in assessing people we associate with. Those with easy temperaments and weak characters are more likable than admirable; those with difficult temperaments and strong characters are more admirable than likable. Of course, the optimum for a person is to possess both an easy temperament and a strong character, but this is a rare combination, and few of us are that lucky. The people who get things done tend to be prickly, and the people we enjoy being with tend to be accepting, and there seems to be no way to get around this. Obviously, there are many combinations of character and temperament, in varying degrees, so that this is only a rough generalization - but I think it is one worth remembering when we make personal judgments.' -Sydney J. Harris


Are Incels Just Misunderstood?
Wed, May 09, 2018 - (Edited) Thu, May 17, 2018

The incel movement has been tied to many mass shootings. Is their community, their frame of mind, similar to that of a drug addict, depression, or obesity?

Back to Gaming and Personal Blogging
Wed, May 02, 2018 - (Edited) Wed, May 02, 2018

Moving away from the constant burnouts, additional stresses, and fighting over meaningless subjects. Back into gaming and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Is there a solution to violence?
Wed, Apr 25, 2018 - (Edited) Wed, Apr 25, 2018

With the concentration on mass shootings in the United States, I think we forget that it is our cultural issue with violence itself.

Paradoxicalism as a Political Belief
Wed, Feb 21, 2018 - (Edited) Sun, Feb 25, 2018

Human nature is full of paradox. Which is what makes it so hard to find order and stability. Is there any answer at all to how we should govern ourselves?

Modern Game Reviews Suck
Wed, Feb 14, 2018 - (Edited) Wed, Feb 14, 2018

Video game reviews today are long essays and diatribes that are written like something guided by an Olympic judge handbook.

Is Darryl Perry Making Ideological Progress?
Wed, Feb 07, 2018 - (Edited) Wed, Feb 07, 2018

Darryl W. Perry of Free Keene showed hints of ideological progress. However, he still using heuristics as weapons against his opponents. Will he ditch the cult?

Discovering Bigfoot - Debunked
Sun, Feb 04, 2018 - (Edited) Sun, Feb 04, 2018

Discovering Bigfoot, written, directed and produced by Todd Standing is one of 2017's top cringe worthy films. Although not as bad as Tommy Wiesau's

Your Genes Aren't Making You Fat, You Are
Sun, Jan 14, 2018 - (Edited) Sun, Jan 14, 2018

Science shows that a genetic predisposition towards obesity has no significant effect on weight management. In fact, it has everything to do with diet.

Speech Is More Persuasive Than Text
Sat, Jan 13, 2018 - (Edited) Sat, Jan 13, 2018

Studies have found that audio is more persuasive for arguments than text. Even being in person is more persuasive than that.

Jordan Peterson and Postmodernism
Wed, Jan 03, 2018 - (Edited) Wed, Jan 10, 2018

Understanding Jordan Peterson's problem with postmodernism doesn't make sense at first glance. But he has a legitimate bone to pick.